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Why take a family vacation?

Debbie FarrSummer months are looming. Should your family plan a getaway? Is it worth the time off work and the hassle of planning?

Debbie Farr, above, who earned her doctorate in educational research May 9, has studied family vacations and says they bring a number of benefits.

“In this country, we have forgotten there’s a real purpose behind vacation, and it’s not just to be slackers,” said Farr, who has worked with parents and families for about 20 years. “We have this pervasive belief that if you’re on vacation, you’re not working, and if you’re not working, it’s a bad thing.”

Farr focused her doctoral dissertation on family vacations and found a positive connection between family vacations and family cohesion. She hopes the research may help counselors or educators who work with parents and families to suggest vacations as a way to help build strong and cohesive families.

“Something that might be helpful for you is just to get away,” Farr said. “I can now turn to families and say, ‘When was the last time you got away – the four of you?’”

Farr received her doctorate in educational research in May.

The UNT Staff Senate offers discounts on travel and many other goods through PerkSpot,

  • Learn more about PerkSpot, enroll as a UNT employee.

Also, travel discounts on rental cars and hotels are available to UNT employees through the UNT System Business Service Center.

—Ellen Rossetti, News Promotions

(Photo by Ahna Hubnik / URCM)

Posted on: Mon 19 May 2014

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