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We Care ... WE COUNT: Keesha Trim has a sense of ownership

Keesha Trim We Care Campaign donorThe annual Faculty and Staff Giving Annual Campaign, We Care … WE COUNT continues through May 6.   

The annual campaign has raised more than $1 million for scholarships and departmental needs.

Keesha Trim, above, insurance and claims manager in Risk Management, is one of many donors who enjoys giving back to the university:

“I made my first gift to UNT because I wanted to give back to the institution that gave me an education and career,” says Trim. “When I came to UNT as a student in 2002, I never thought I would still be here nine years later. 

“I give to the College of Arts and Sciences because I earned my bachelor of arts degree through this college. However, there are other areas I am interested in giving to, such as the Emerald Eagle Scholars Program. University programs can only offer opportunities if they have funding. Since I was given an opportunity, I want to ensure the university is able to give opportunities to others."

Constance Mutong, We Care campaign, studentConstance Mutong, left, a psychology major, is grateful for scholarship support.

"Faculty and staff donors ensure that I have access to up-to-date technology across campus, can participate in significant research projects and am presented with empirically supported information in the classroom," she says. "All of these things are vital to getting a quality education. I’m gaining networking opportunities, research experience and the best education from knowledgeable faculty. UNT donors make this possible for me."

Says Trim, “My individual contribution may not amount to much or go far, but in the grand scheme of things, I feel I am making a difference.  It doesn’t matter how much I give, as long as I give.  I feel a sense of ownership when I give back to UNT. This is my university, and I want to see its continued success." 

We Care WE COUNT logo


 (Photos by Michael Clements and Thomas Saldana.)

Posted on: Fri 01 April 2011

Owning Excellence

Faculty and staff members have roles in transforming UNT into a nationally prominent university. Share your ideas on how you can help UNT to own excellence, keep students on track and improve graduation education.

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