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UNT's at-will policy is finalized and in effect

President V. Lane RawlinsJuly 12, 2012  

Dear UNT staff members,

I wanted to let you know that UNT's at-will policy is finalized and in effect following approval by the UNT policy advisory group, the UNT administration and the UNT System Office of General Counsel. You can read the policy on the UNT Policy Office website.

I appreciate the input we received, especially at the public forum. Many of you brought up valid questions and concerns about the application of this policy, which we took into account for the final policy.

UNT's at-will policy has checks and balances to ensure that there is multiple party and multiple level review in the process. Before termination of employment can be considered, a supervisor must consult with his/her own direct supervisor and Human Resources. We also continue to encourage processes that give employees clear warning and time to remedy poor performance or actions that may lead to discipline. As part of this process, the supervisor should clearly identify and explain to the employee how they are falling short of their job expectations. Training sessions also have been held for anyone in a supervisory role to ensure they fully understand the at-will policy and how it is to be applied. The supervisors are to talk with their employees about the new policy. We are confident that these steps will protect employees from arbitrary and unwarranted actions.

The inclusion of at-will policies changes some of our rules and policies, but it need not change the standard of fairness we have cultivated in our employer-employee relationship. Our workplace ideals consist of trust, respect, and appropriate recognition and rewards. Within the new policies, we can strengthen these ideals and improve our environment.

We can only attain our four bold goals by working together as a team. Thank you for your critical service and for all you do.


V. Lane Rawlins

UNT President


Posted on: Thu 12 July 2012

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