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UNT's draft at-will policy and FAQs are posted

(Editor's note: President V. Lane Rawlins, along with Jean Bush, senior associate vice president for finance, and Marci Bailey of Human Resources, discussed the UNT at-will policy at the forum. Find the policy and FAQs at the links below.)

President V. Lane RawlinsMay 30, 2012

Dear UNT staff members,

I wanted to remind you that the public forum on UNT's at-will policy will be held at 10:30 a.m. today, May 30, in the Lyceum in the University Union. I hope you will either be able to attend or share your thoughts directly with the policy committee or your Staff Council representative.

We are drafting our at-will policy based on the UNT System's at-will regulation, which is posted and will take effect June 1. As part of the process to create our campus policy, we are taking public input today in the forum and through the committee led by Jean Bush, senior associate vice president for finance, which includes representatives from Staff Council, Human Resources and the UNT Policy Office. 

UNT's current draft at-will policy is posted along with a list of FAQs that have been developed based on questions we've received thus far. At the forum, we will briefly discuss the draft policy and take questions. We want to make sure that we get your input as we finalize UNT's at-will policy.

I want to again assure you that UNT's at-will policy won't change the level of respect we have for our staff members, or the trust we place in each of you to help UNT remain a great place to study, explore, create and work.

Thanks again for all that you do to support UNT and our students.


V. Lane Rawlins

UNT President

Posted on: Wed 30 May 2012

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