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UNT working to correct mail delivery backlog

Sept. 11, 2013

There currently is a backlog in mail delivery on campus. UNT is aware of the issue and is working to correct the problem.

In the interim, faculty members should be aware that many students ordered textbooks online and, due to the backlog, have not received their orders. Faculty and staff should be aware that mail delivery to campus offices has been impacted.

The Eagle Express postal services moved to Stovall Hall the same weekend residence halls opened and, while employees were arranging their work space, they immediately were open for business. Moving Eagle Express postal services required that all 4,800 mailbox holders physically visit the facility, fill out the necessary paperwork and receive a new mailbox key. 

Ensuring all mailbox holders received a key meant the number of employees who could work on mail sorting for delivery was reduced.  At the same time, Eagle Express postal services has received an unprecedented amount of mail, especially in the number of packages.

UNT and Pitney Bowes, which operates Eagle Express postal services, are taking steps to alleviate the backlog and provide improved mail service to the campus.

Pitney Bowes is hiring additional full-time and temporary employees and assigning them to an evening shift to work through the backlog. Pitney Bowes employees will work extended shifts through the weekend.

UNT and Pitney Bowes hope to have the backlog issue resolved in the near future.

To speed delivery of packages from services such as Federal Express, students living on campus ordering books or receiving packages should use the physical address of their residence hall.

Posted on: Wed 11 September 2013

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