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UNT staffer's worm illustration takes "Best in Show"

WormFinal-1.jpgBiologists love their worms. So much so that one worm recently won Best in Show in a worm art exhibit that was part of the 19thInternational C. elegans Meeting in Los Angeles, Calif., in June. The Caenorhabditis elegans was the celebrity worm of the event, and Lacy Fenn, assistant director of proposal development and design in the Office of Research and Economic Development, was the artist who took the prize for her elegant illustration of the free-living, non-parasitic soil nematode.

Fenn received a cash award and plaque commemorating her craftsmanship.

Fenn helps faculty create visually compelling images that showcase their research. The art was originally created to support the work of Pamela Padilla, associate professor of biology, whose research with the nematode examines how organisms respond to and survive environmental stress.

Padilla, doctoral biology students Mary Ladage and Tasha Garcia, and scientists from around the world converged in Los Angeles to share knowledge of their research of the model organism, commonly studied for its gene regulation and function and for potential applications to research of humans and other complex organisms. Padilla’s lab presented three papers at the conference:

  • Metabolomic and Physiological Analysis of C. elegans Exposed to Oxygen Deprivation, Mary Ladage, Jo Goy, Vladimir Shulaev, Pamela Padilla
  • Genotypes that Affect Carbohydrate Fed Animals Exposed to Oxygen-Deprivation, Tasha Garcia, Pamela Padilla
  • Using C. elegans for inquiry-based learning at large undergraduate institutions, Pamela Padilla

The worm art show was conceived to show how science can initiate and inspire art and artists. The exhibit, educational workshops, abstract presentations, and even a worm variety show, were among a variety of conference program events.

Office of Research and Economic Development


Posted on: Thu 25 July 2013

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