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UNT to plan for becoming a smoke-free campus starting January 2013

May 7, 2012

Dear UNT community,

Many of you know that throughout this year we have heard from several groups concerning the possibility of UNT No smoking signbecoming a smoke-free campus. More than 700 universities or colleges in America have taken that step or gone even further in becoming tobacco free. We have looked at the large and decisive research on the effects of secondhand smoke. And, we conducted a statistically valid survey of our students and employees and found that a large majority favored a smoke-free environment.

At UNT, we are committed to the safety and health of our employees. We therefore are beginning a process to develop the policies for a smoke-free environment. Over the next few months, consulting with student and employee groups, we will draft a policy and discuss it widely across the campus. There are many questions to be addressed and we want to be sensitive to the rights of all those who study and work here, as well as the thousands of people who visit our campus each year.

The details of the policy should be worked out during the fall semester and we will aim for Jan. 1, 2013, as an implementation date. As we have found with the current policy on smoking, enforcement is expected to rely on communication and voluntary compliance.

UNT is a wonderful place to work and we hope that we can develop a smoking policy that will make it even more pleasant and healthy here.

We deeply appreciate your efforts here and look forward to our discussions as this policy emerges.

V. Lane RawlinsSincerely.

V. Lane Rawlins


Posted on: Mon 07 May 2012

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