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UNT New College at Frisco Campus Makers

 UNT New College at Frisco Campus Makers

In addition to university leadership, instructors, students, etc., it takes a large team of collaborators to create a campus in just a few months. Here are some of those folks from a recent appreciation event ("Highest Marks" were people recognized by Dr. Sims as playing an especially important role).

L2R HeadsPersonUnitHighest Marks
1Robert PearsonUNT -> Finance -> Facilities
2Helen BaileyUNT -> Finance -> Facilities
3David ReynoldsUNT -> Finance -> Facilities
4Brenda SimsUNT New College at Frisco
5Rory RivoireUNT System -> ITSS -> ESIS -> Data Communications
6Silvester MontalvoUNT System -> ITSS -> ESIS -> Telephone
7Steve SalsmanUNT System -> ITSS -> ESIS -> Telephone
8David FranklinUNT System -> ITSS
9Ashley OlsbergUNT -> Finance -> IS -> Classroom Support Service:)
10Chris TognocchiUNT New College at Frisco
11CR ChevliUNT -> System -> ITSS -> Datacomm
12Blake MeyerUNT -> System -> ITSS -> Datacomm
13Chris StoermerUNT -> Finance -> AITS
14Christian LopezUNT System -> ITSS
15April CavinsUNT System -> ITSS
16Cheryl SmithUNT -> Finance -> Facilities:)
17Neely ShireyUNT -> Finance -> Facilities:)
18James StrawnUNT -> Provost -> CAS -> IT
19Marques youngUNT -> Provost -> CAS -> IT
20Christian GieseckeUNT -> Provost -> CAS -> IT
21David SmithUNT -> Provost -> CAS -> IT
22Adam SelbyUNT -> Provost -> CAS -> IT
23John WilsonUNT -> Finance -> B&A > Asset Management
24Tim ChristianUNT -> Provost -> CAS -> IT
25Jesse McConathyUNT -> Provost -> CAS -> IT
26Chris WorleyUNT -> Provost -> CAS -> IT
27Karl SkaarUNT -> Finance -> B&A -> Asset Management
28Pierce JacksonUNT -> Finance -> IS -> Classroom Support Service
29Randy EvansUNT -> Finance -> IS -> Classroom Support Service
ElsewhereKeith Birlin UNT -> System -> ITSS -> ESIS -> Telephone
ElsewhereKim NguyenUNT -> Finance ->Facilities:)
ElsewhereRay PillerUNT -> Provost -> CAS -> IT
ElsewhereShauna BarbatoUNT New College at Frisco:)

Posted on: Wed 16 March 2016.

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