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UNT must plan thoughtful implementation of new campus carry law

Dear UNT community members,

As you know, Texas’ Legislature has passed new legislation that will allow licensed gun owners to carry concealed handguns on campus.

This new legislation includes the benefit of exercising local control, and we will use that control to continue to do everything we can to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors.

While passage of the law is not what we had hoped for, we are now reviewing the legislation thoroughly to ensure that we fully understand our latitude in developing regulations for carrying concealed handguns on campus.

We will spend our time prior to Fall 2016 planning our implementation response, and consulting with all faculty, staff and students who have interest in or have raised concerns about this legislation.

I also will consult extensively with other campus leaders and police groups in Texas to better understand the additional costs and training associated with this bill. And, I will ask our police department and other units on campus to provide training and guidance to our community to help them understand how to personally respond in this new environment.

Neal SmatreskIn the coming year, we will conduct a thorough and thoughtful process, and I assure all of our students and their families, faculty and staff members, and visitors that we remain committed to providing the best educational experience in Texas in a safe campus community.

UNT Proud,

Neal Smatresk


Posted on: Tue 02 June 2015


Shawn Quinn at 4:30 pm on September 1, 2015

I am a six-year veteran and

I am a six-year veteran and currently still serving in the Army National Guard. That being said I have extensive firearms training and keep current on my range time and with my CHL. I feel that a campus that does allow weapons does in fact keep the overall area safe, but I do understand those that feel they will be in fear for students with legal possession of weapons sitting next to them. I hope that this legislation will be considered with hope that those law-abiding citizens who are over 21 and have a current CHL will be allowed to carry their weapons freely on campus. I understand that there should be guidelines in place to help not create a feeling of chaos, but let's see where we can meet in the middle. I am a non traditional student and live 24 miles away. I make the commute almost daily and many times I stop for errands and food before or after class. So my side on this would be to allow those legally allowed to carry to not have to leave their weapon in their vehicle.  I know that myself and many of my fellow veteran students would do what ever it takes to protect the citizens on campus under any circumstances. Thankfully our school has not been subject to any gun crimes, and I hope that continues for as long as it can and having students that are properly trained in firearms can help make that possible for the future. We live in crazy times especially with the recent senseless murders of our men and women in blue. Many of us veterans work in the field of first responders too and coming to school in our uniform puts us at risk of these despicable murders. Please allow us to help protect those on campus and ourselves with allowing us to allow carrying our weapons on campus, even if it is with reasonable restrictions. 

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