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University policy updated, revised, deleted

The University Policy Office recent policy activity, including new and revised policies, is summarized in the following table. UNT policies may be found at

Questions? Please contact Valerie Robertson, policy specialist, University Policy Office, ext. 4535.



8.2, Utilities Conservation (formerly Energy Policy)


REVISION-- UNT Policy 8.2, Utilities Conservation, has been revised.  This policy is an essential part of UNT's conservation program to help meet savings goals and reduce utility costs to the University.

Revised  6/10/2013

15.1.8, Administrative Guidelines for Joint Appointments within or Between Institutions: UNT/UNTHSC




DELETION—UNT Policy 15.1.8, Administrative Guidelines for Joint Appointments within or Between Institutions: UNT/UNTHSC, has been deleted.  New policy, Joint Faculty Appointments, will replace this policy.  The new policy is written to include appointments at UNT as well as faculty seeking joint appointment with other institutions, laboratories, or affiliated entities. 

Deleted 5/28/2013

16.10, Joint UNT/NTRI Sponsored Project Policy

DELETION—UNT Policy 16.10, Joint UNT/NTRI Sponsored Project Policy.  This policy refers to the North Texas Research Institute (NTRI) which is inactive at this time.  Policy is outdated and inaccurate.

Deleted 2/7/2013

2.2.14, Faculty/Staff/Retiree/Dependent Educational Scholarship


REVISION—UNT Policy 2.2.14, Faculty/Staff/Retiree/Dependent Educational Scholarship, has been revised to extend the scholarship benefit for two semesters for dependents following the death of retirees and active employees.

Revised 1/28/2013

10.17, Smoke-Free Campus Policy


NEW—UNT Policy 10.17, Smoke-Free Campus Policy, was created to protect the health and welfare of everyone on UNT’s campus.

Effective 1/1/2013.



15.2.19, Awarding Posthumous Degrees


NEW—UNT Policy 15.2.19, Awarding Posthumous Degrees, is created to allow UNT to confer posthumous baccalaureate and graduate degrees upon deceased students who have successfully completed a substantial portion of their academic program at the time of death.

Adopted 12/13/2012


Posted on: Tue 04 June 2013

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