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Two new President's Councils formed

President V. Lane RawlinsNov. 30, 2011

Dear UNT community,

As you likely know by now, I believe in collaborative leadership and for about a year now have been using President’s Councils to ensure that the university’s key decision-makers are working together when making plans about how our university will progress toward our goals.

Originally the President's Councils included:

Earlier this fall, I created the President's Management Excellence Council so we would have a clear and deep commitment to becoming a national leader in student support, employee relations and operational effectiveness.

And I recently have created two new councils, the President's Community Engagement Council and the President's Diversity Council, both of which will further our ability to meet our goals and remain a strong university.  

  • The Community Engagement Council is charged with developing more mutually beneficial "hometown" partnerships with our surrounding communities and strengthening the culture of engagement on campus.
    • Co-Chair, Herman Totten, Vice President for University and Community Affairs
    • Co-Chair, Celia Williamson, Celia Williamson, Vice Provost for Educational Innovation 
  • The Diversity Council will support our long-held values and ensure that inclusion and diversity in all its forms remains a priority in planning and policies.  
    • Co-Chair: Warren Burggren, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
    • Co-Chair: Gilda Garcia, Vice President for Institutional Equity and Diversity

Like the others, these newest councils will help us excel by keeping a close eye on areas in which we must remain disciplined and focused. And like all councils, they will work in partnership with each other and with input from across campus to ensure that we make coordinated, collaborative decisions. Each council is finding ways to include a broad representation of areas and employees through work groups and other means so that voices across campus are heard. 

The President's Councils are making good progress and are making a significant difference in how we do business by ensuring that we collaborate and streamline our efforts.

This will add to the momentum that we are experiencing. We are advancing toward our goals of offering students the best education and growing our research and creative endeavors. Others are starting to notice. I want to thank you for helping us move forward and for all that you do to support UNT.


V. Lane Rawlins



Posted on: Wed 30 November 2011

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