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Three departments honored at Staff Sack Lunch

facilities grounds, refuse and recyclingStaff members from three departments —  grounds, refuse and recycling; dean of students; and news service  teams — were honored for their excellence at the Oct. 29 President’s Staff Sack Lunch.

Also, President Neal Smatresk discussed a new format for recognizing the achievements of individual staff members by expanding the annual Staff Appreciation Week into a monthlong event in February.

“We are going to try to elevate some of the awards by making the people who receive them more visible,” he said. “I think (this) will offer us a chance to really focus on both individual accomplishments as well as accomplishments of the whole campus community.”

Staff Appreciation Month also will involve some new awards to recognize staff for their excellent work.

The details of the new format and new awards are still in the works, but the input came from staff focus groups, surveys and the Staff Senate.

“Hard working groups of people dedicated to making a better institution — it doesn’t get any better than that, and it makes me proud to help serve you and to lead at times when we have such an incredible team,” Smatresk said.

He said he wanted the Staff Sack Lunch to allow more time for staff members’ questions, so they would have a clear understanding of the university’s overall mission.

Outstanding Department Awards

Bob Brown, vice president for finance and administration, recognized the grounds, refuse and recycling services in the Facilities department, above.

Brown noted several buildings that the crews were beautifying the landscape and the miles of irrigation systems across campus to allow for continued water savings.

He also noted how those staff members worked together to install 50 Big Belly solar trash compactors and recycling containers on campus over the summer.

“I really didn’t have to ask them to do more,” Brown said. “All I had to tell them was that ‘you are the first impression an individual has when they come to campus. I want you to take your work with the notion of being that first impression.’ They have done so phenomenally well.”

Dean of studentsElizabeth With, vice president for student affairs, honored the Dean of Students Office, left.

In the last two years, With noted, staff members have helped more than 8 percent of students who intend to withdraw from the university stay in school. The group has a goal of helping 5 percent of them stay in school.

The team helped 190 students in crisis and processed more than 300 student complaints last year.

She also noted the group’s work with multiple departments to educate the campus on issues related to sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking and other safety issues

“As you can see, a great deal of work goes on, much of it behind the scenes, but all in work and efforts to help support our students,” With said.

news service teamKelley Reese, assistant vice president for the Division of University Relations, Communications and Marketing, recognized the news service team, right.

“This team works tirelessly to ensure UNT is recognized in the news media for its excellence in academics, advances in research, world class arts and student achievements,” Reese said.

She noted the news service’s work in the past year secured nearly 27,000 mentions of UNT in news stories with a reach of nearly 1 billion readers or viewers and an estimated cost value of $90 billion. Among the most notable media outlets were stories in the New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, Newsweek and more. The team also secured segments on CBS Sunday Morning, CBS Radio and National Public Radio.

Below are other employees were honored at the lunch with Star Performer and Soaring Eagle awards.

Star Performers

  • Sarah Abrams, Libraries
  • Rhonda Acker, Office of the President
  • Sarah Amberson, Housing
  • Tiffany Bailey, Dining Services
  • Joshua Ballard, Dean of Students
  • Jan Banks, Radio, Television and Film
  • John Bearman, Retail Dining
  • Kevin Bell, Housing
  • Abigail Black, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Chrisana Black, Student Financial Aid
  • Carolyn Blevins, Auxiliary Services
  • Christopher Boesch, Police, Parking, and Transportation
  • Tiffany Bonner Lipscomb, Admissions
  • Rosa Brock, Dining Services
  • Stephanie Brown, Orientation and Transition Programs
  • Wanda Brown, Vice President of Student Affairs Office
  • Courtney Burke, Coliseum and Gateway Center
  • Dina Maria Cadar, Dining Services
  • Chris Canuteson, University Information Technology
  • Marielena Carpanzano, Radio, Television and Film
  • Lorena Carrillo, Dining Services
  • Danielle Champagne, Student Money Management Center
  • Linda Clark, Dining Services
  • Leanne Coffey, Library and Information Sciences, College of Information
  • Jim Coffey, Police, Parking, and Transportation
  • Kimberley Coleman, Student Financial Aid
  • Stormie Cooley, Police, Parking, and Transportation
  • Johnny Cox, Housing
  • Marina Cristales, Housing
  • Pat Davis, Student Health and Wellness Center
  • Brenda Sue Dean, Union Administration
  • Tami Deaton, Geography
  • John DeLong, Police, Parking, and Transportation
  • Susan Dinaro, Police, Parking, and Transportation
  • Hannah Eblen, Student Legal Services
  • James Fairchild, Housing
  • Margaret Featherstone, Housing
  • Ryan Ferguson, Learning Center
  • Amy Ferman, Career Center
  • Lindsey Fields, Housing
  • Stephanie Fields-Hawkins, Student Health and Wellness Center
  • Jonathan Figueroa, Facilities
  • Julia Flores, Housing
  • Mike Flores, University Union
  • Laura Flowers, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Lisa Garcia, Union Administration
  • Miguel Garcia Rubio, Engineering
  • Diana Gonzalez, Dining Services
  • Nissa Gordon, Advancement
  • Debra Griffin, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Carol Hagen, Teacher Education and Administration
  • Brian Hale, Police, Parking, and Transportation
  • Ben Hanisian, Recreational Sports
  • Kiersty Hendrix, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Belinda Hernandez, Admissions
  • Yolanda Hernandez, Housing
  • Nancy Herod, College of Information
  • Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, University Information Technology
  • Dallas Hogue, Facilities
  • Jonathan Holland, Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign
  • Keith Holliday, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Amy Hsu, Dining Services
  • Bryan Hurt, Libraries
  • Vanessa Ibarra, Housing
  • Shelley Jackson, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Mara Washington Jackson, Student Activities
  • Katherine Jenkins, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Karissa Johnmeyer, Student Financial Aid
  • Pamela Johns, Chemistry
  • Joan Jolly, Institutional Research and Effectiveness
  • Maggie Jones, Engineering
  • Amanda Kenna, Counseling and Testing
  • Glen R. Knight, Institutional Research and Effectiveness
  • Keith Kopsky, Student Financial Aid
  • Diane Kozul, Psychology
  • Shauna Lassen, Linguistics and Technical Communication
  • Chris Lawrence, Recreational Sports
  • Gina Lowe, Advancement
  • Eva Silvia Lozano, TRIO
  • Kathleen Marion, Union Administration
  • Aisha Marshall, Learning Center
  • Lisa Martin, Engineering
  • James McAlister, Housing
  • Angela McGuire, Recreational Sports
  • Sandy McKnight, Institutional Research and Effectiveness
  • Shannon Miller, Dining Services
  • Analise Minjarez, Union Administration
  • Rodney Mitchell, Dean of Students
  • Gwendolyn Moore, Admissions
  • Mary Jane Moore, Gateway Center
  • Steve Moran, University Information Technology
  • Lauri Morrow, Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign
  • Joyce Nixon, Dining Services
  • Robbin Patterson, Career Center
  • Sonia Perches, Facilities
  • Mark Pullam, Career Center
  • Julie Renner, Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science
  • Belinda Reyes, World Languages
  • Billy Robbins, Facilities
  • Eva Ruiz-Duvall, Geography
  • Latoya Russell, Housing
  • Couri Sargent, Student Health and Wellness Center
  • Kelly Sargent, Police, Parking, and Transportation
  • John Sawyer, Risk Management
  • Ami Schakel, Facilities
  • Britton Sherry, Recreational Sports
  • Mike Silvaggio, Housing
  • Errica Smith, Admissions
  • Sidney Smith, Housing
  • Karen Snyder, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Charlotte Spencer, Dining Services
  • Joe Sprague, Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign
  • Nicole Sprowl, Advancement
  • Leslie L. St. Clair, Union Administration
  • Lesa Statler, Radio, Television and Film
  • Jennifer Stayton, Libraries
  • Debbie Stevens, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Stacie Stine, Housing
  • Vince Stippec, Facilities
  • Georgianna Stone, Counseling and Testing Services
  • Patricia Strader, Union Administration
  • Johnna Sweet, Admissions
  • Claudia Taylor, Advancement
  • Steve Thompson, Dining Services
  • Connie Thompson, Housing
  • Valerie Thornton, Office of Disability Accommodation
  • Hysen Tmava, University Information Technology
  • Susan Lee Torrey, TRIO
  • Nicole Trower, Police, Parking, and Transportation
  • Phyllis Vaughn, University Union
  • Margarita Venegas, University Relations, Communications and Marketing
  • Connie Verdin, Coliseum/Gateway Center
  • Revin Wade, Admissions
  • Lori Wallace, Facilities
  • Gabrielle Watson, University Relations, Communications and Marketing
  • Alden Watts, Student Financial Aid
  • Mikkel Weeks, Retail Dining Services
  • Hillary Wells, Recreational Sports
  • Daniel Wiersema, University Information Technology
  • Essence Williams, Dining Services
  • Jordan Winget, Student Financial Aid
  • Lynn Wright, Libraries
  • Jason Zorola, Police, Parking, and Transportation

Soaring Eagles

Departmental Awards

  • Access Services Department -- Libraries
  • Study Abroad Office
  • Facilities -- Moving Service

Individual Awards

  • Cheryl Benningfield, Space Management
  • Ronda Bewley, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Rick Carney, Facilities
  • James Carter, Facilities
  • Brendaliz Castro, UNT International
  • Danielle Champagne , Student Money Management Center
  • Carla Cook, Kristen Farmer Autism Center
  • Samantha Crosby, Kristen Farmer Autism Center
  • Chestiney Cunigan, Kristen Farmer Autism Center
  • Erik Deuble, Facilities
  • Donald Douglas, Facilities
  • Crystal Eberhart, Student Accounting and Cashier Services
  • Sunna Farooq, Kristen Farmer Autism Center
  • Troy Gattis, Housing Custodial Services
  • Brandy Gunels-Johnson, Psychology
  • Tara Hall, Printing Services
  • Kirk Lowe, Facilities
  • Rick Milan, Facilities
  • Jo Monahan, Libraries
  • Matthew Payne , Facilities
  • Paulo Rico, Facilities
  • Byrle Roberts, Facilities
  • Jessica Russell, Facilities
  • John Saywer, Risk Management
  • Kerry Stanhope, Student Health and  Wellness Center
  • Alicia Taylor, UNT International
  • Sharon Vann, Texas Academy Mathematics and Science
  • Orie Varner, UNT International
  • Anthony Vazquez , Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • AlainaWeiss, Libraries

—Matthew Zabel, University Relations, Communication and Marketing

(Photos by Gary Payne / URCM)

Posted on: Mon 03 November 2014

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