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Summer sessions offer more opportunities

summer class outsideStudents' needs are UNT’s priority. Life is complicated and it's sometimes hard to get everything done. But the university’s summer classes – offered during six summer sessions over the course of four months – offer the flexibility needed to help you graduate on time – or even early.

The Summer Session website walks you through the summer enrollment process step by step. You can find information about registration dates, links to more information and a video about how summer classes can help you reach your goals.

Employees and their families can take advantage of the university’s educational scholarship benefit, which pays the cost of most tuition plus mandatory fees.

Get ahead this summer

“The summer allows students to stay on track or get ahead,” says David McEntire, director of UNT Summer Session. He says many students use summer sessions as a way to lighten their loads for the fall and spring semesters and to get ahead on classwork so that they can graduate more quickly. It also allows students to complete a class they did not pass or had to drop.

"The biggest benefit of taking summer classes at UNT is graduating earlier," McEntire says. "Graduating earlier can help you start your career sooner.”

Students who are participating in the Eagle Express Tuition Plan should consult with their academic advisor or visit the student accounting website before deciding to sign up for summer classes. All students are encouraged to evaluate the cost of taking summer class as well as the benefits of graduation incentives before registering for summer courses.

Summer classes offer students flexibility

Classes are offered in lengths ranging from three weeks to three months.

Junior Christopher Lee, who is double-majoring in photography and geography, says that taking summer classes will keep him busy and on track.

“I am excited to knock out my core classes,” he says. “It will also help me stay in contact with my professors in Denton who can give me guidance as I have more time to work on my art projects and other personal work.”

Hospitality management junior Lindsay Napoliello plans to use the summer to work on her minor courses.  

“I want to focus on getting some of those new courses out of the way,” she says.   

Classes are unique

New classes are taught each summer. This summer's schedule includes new courses that fulfill UNT core requirements, including an introduction to biology course, a course on popular music in American culture and a post-Civil War U.S. history class.

Summer courses offer a personal experience with professors since classes tend to be smaller in the summer.

Thomas Sovík teaches the popular music in American Culture class and thinks the summer is a great time for students and faculty.

“Smaller classes give professors a chance to know students on a personal level. Instead of 500 people in one class, there are only 20. It is easier for to get though the material and students only have to worry focus on one or two classes as opposed to five or six.”

Learn new cultures

Amy Shenberger, director of the study abroad program, says study abroad programs during the summer session are a great opportunity for students to take advantage of shorter, focused academic experiences abroad.  

“Students gain a sense of direction and purpose in their future career with hands-on learning through research, internships, service learning or language emersion options that they can’t get here on campus,” she says.

Summer classes give students the chance to explore different cultures while earning major, minor or elective credits. And enrolling is convenient -- students can sign up for summer classes at the same time they sign up for fall classes.

Feel closer to Denton

Senior psychology major Taylor Haislip has spent the last two summers in Denton. She spent that time taking some of her core classes. It has also allowed her to explore Denton, which she doesn’t always get to do during the spring or fall semesters.

“The summer is when I felt like Denton was finally my home,” she says. “I got to explore the town more. I spend a lot of time on the Square looking through all of the cool shops and trying all of the wonderful restaurants. Having time in the summer to enjoy all of these things really made it that much more special.”

McEntire agrees. Summer offers a chance to enjoy life, either overseas or on campus – while still getting ahead with your academic goals. UNT’s unique academic and social atmosphere, provides students with many academic and extracurricular activities.

"Summer is a great time because it is the best of both worlds,” he says. “On one hand, student can attend school, earn credits, advance their education and ensure they graduate on time or early. On the other hand, students can also enjoy summer activities.”

—Awo Eni, student assistant, URCM

Above, a UNT summer class meets outdoors in 2014. (Photo by Gary Payne / URCM)

Posted on: Mon 09 March 2015

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