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Students can say thanks with a message to outstanding faculty

Thank A Teacher logo


Outstanding teachers make a difference for students. 

  • They make learning challenging and fun
  • they are available when needed
  • they weather many storms with students  

When teachers have made this kind of a difference, many students wish for a way to say thanks.

UNT students have a new way to do that through the Thank a Teacher Program.  Students can complete an online form  to say thanks. 

Students may thank multiple teachers and may submit one form for each teacher they wish to thank. They may also choose to remain anonymous. Their notes will be sent to faculty as part of a letter of recognition from the Office of the Provost after final grades have been submitted for the semester.

The last class day is Dec. 8, finals are Dec. 10-16, and commencement is Dec. 17-18.

Posted on: Thu 06 October 2011

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