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Student support functions realigned to address university strategies

Elizabeth With, vice president, student affairsThe Division of Student Affairs was re-organized effective July 1.

The new structure, which is aimed at helping the division do an even better job of supporting student success, was created with input from the senior leadership in the division.

”The more than 500 full-time employees in Student Affairs do a great job of supporting the development of our students into well-rounded citizens. This work is critical to the first of our university’s four bold goals: Providing the best undergraduate educational experience in Texas,” said Elizabeth With, right, vice president of student affairs.

The division is now divided into six units, each with a specific focus of student support. The areas are:

  • Auxiliary Services, which is led by Tom Rufer, now includes dining, housing, the University Union (both at Discovery Park and in the central campus), coliseum and Gateway Center, facilities, construction and maintenance. This area is responsible for campus living, facilities and operations. The addition of the Center for Student Affairs at Discovery Park represents services this department provides to our students there.
  • Dean of Students, which is led by Maureen McGuinness, includes the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities, Student Legal Services, Greek Life and the Substance Abuse Resource Center.  These areas are focused on helping our students be responsible and to removing barriers to student success. This area will have a new position which will be focused on helping students who are considering withdrawing from UNT. This new person will meet with students before they withdraw to help them identify resources that can allow them to continue at UNT or create a pathway for returning.
  • Student Affairs, which will be led by Melissa McGuire, includes Orientation and Transition, Student Activities, Veterans Center and Student Government. These are all programs that relate to retention and student connections. As this area’s leader, Melissa will be responsible for representing the division campuswide. She will serve on the President’s Enrollment and Retention Council and co-chair the Retention Committee with Dale Tampke, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and participate in the WarRoom, both subsets of the council.
  • Career and Leadership Development, which will be led by Dan Naegeli, pulls together all of our services that help prepare students for career and leadership success. They include the Career Center, the Student Money Management Center and the Center for Leadership and Service. 
  • Student Affairs-Wellness, which will include the Student Health and Wellness Center, Recreational Sports and Counseling and Testing. This area will be led by a new assistant vice president for Student Affairs. This position is vacant and a national search will begin this summer.
  • Administration, special projects and new initiatives, will be led by Hope Garcia, and will work to ensure the division functions smoothly through planning. In addition to including Student Affairs Administration, Hope will oversee a grants specialist and a coordinator focused on supporting wellbeing and spirituality. This area also will oversee division-wide events such as the Distinguished Lecture Series and the Staff Development Committee. It also will serve as the connection for the division’s development officer and will help coordinate with alumni. 

This reorganization overall means that a few areas are changing reporting structure, a few individuals have been promoted, and that our division is growing by four new positions -- two of which are supported directly by the Student Services Fee.

In addition, because the university will function most efficiently with its assessment and data analysis functions centralized, our assessment area will be moving to the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness. While the individuals in this area have been outstanding members of our division, this move contributes to the university’s achievement of strategic goal three: Becoming a national leader among universities in student support, employee relations, operational effectiveness and service to constituencies.  

“To ensure that UNT reaches its four bold goals and grows from the great university we are today to a truly world-class institution, we must all be willing to make changes. And, we must remember that the work we each do every day makes a difference,” With said. 

- Submitted by the Division of Student Affairs

From left, top,  McGuinness, Tampke, Naegeli; bottom, McGuire, Rufer, Garcia.

Maureen McGuinness, student affairsDale TampkeDan Naegeli, Division of Student AffairsMelissaMcGuire, Division of Student Affairs

Tom Rufer, University Union and Student Affairs

 Hope Garcia, student affairs

Posted on: Tue 03 July 2012

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