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Student evaluations encouraged

Faculty and staff are asked to remind students to complete the Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness, known as SETE,  survey which began Nov. 29.

Increased participation in the survey not only means more accurate scores for instructors, but also more feedback from the student body that the university can use to improve learning.

The survey is available to students via the MyUNT portal or at the SETE website through Dec. 17. The composite scores from this  survey will be available on the UNT website in the spring, in accordance with Texas H.B. 2504 which requires Texas colleges and universities to post student evaluations online.

Access to the SETE scores will help students choose courses and instructors that best fit their personal learning style. The anonymous responses also are helping the university assess ways to improve learning campuswide.

In a related study, a UNT researchers are studying the impact of the physical learning environment on learning effectiveness. The team used the student provided data to identify problem rooms, then surveyed students and faculty members, held student focus groups and inventoried rooms to further define what issues could impact learning. Issues such as inappropriate room size, tight seating and external noise were identified as factors that could negatively impact learning.

The team will share findings with the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Space Management and Planning. The team also has studied the possible impact of gender on SETE scores, and how international students perceive the SETE. Six different versions of the SETE, in six different languages, will soon be available. The translations will serve as a guide as students work through the SETE in English.

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