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Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness continues through Dec. 8.

The SETE (Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness) continues online through Saturday, Dec. 8

The SmarterSurveys mobile version is now available for both faculty and students. There is no action required by students or faculty to activate or access the mobile site.  They can simply log on to the portal using a mobile device and click on the SETE icon.  See instructions attached, below.

 We are hopeful that the mobile version will increase student participation and provide faculty with important feedback as they reflect on the teaching and learning process. To encourage response rate, here are a few suggestions that faculty may consider.

  • Have a colleague or graduate student attend your class to administer the survey by asking students to use their mobile device (e.g., tablet, iPad, smart phone).  Instructors of record should not administer the evaluations.
  • Personally email students and ask them to complete the SETE.
  • Provide participation updates at each class meeting.
  • Offer bonus questions on final exam if class achieves 100% participation (or other types of incentives).
  • Schedule lab time for class to complete survey (monitored by another faculty member).
  • Give specific examples of how they use student feedback to improve teaching from semester to semester.

Faculty can monitor the completion rates for their classes by logging in to their portal and can access their full report after Jan. 14.

Our goal is to create an environment where students feel that their voices can and do make a difference, or, as defined in our four bold goals, to create the best undergraduate experience in Texas.

-Christy Crutsinger, Vice Provost for Faculty Success

SETE Mobile.pdf145.91 KB

Posted on: Mon 03 December 2012

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