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Service award recipients announced

Service Award recipients for 2015 will be recognized during the Service Awards Ceremony in March 2016. For the purpose of service awards, service time includes all retirement-benefits eligible faculty and staff positions held at UNT, the UNT Health Science Center, UNT Dallas, and the UNT System.

Please review the list of Service Award recipient list, which includes all currently active staff and faculty members who met a service milestone during the 2015 calendar year, as well as staff and faculty who retired during the calendar year after meeting a service milestone.

If you believe your service information is incorrect or have questions regarding the calculation of service time, you may contact the human resources department at 940-565-2281 or

Five years

Ann Marie Afflerbach, College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism

Ӧzlem Altıok, Women's Studies

Kenneth Anderson, Dining Services

Evan Arnold, UNT-International

Trista Barker, Libraries

Lori Belew, Space Management and Planning

Daphne Bishop, Office of Grants and Contracts Administration

Barbara Blake, Library - Information Science

Deborah Bockman, Rehab, Social Work and Addictions

Justin Boerner, Facilities

Leslie Booker, Bruce Hall Dining Services

Katherine Emma Borchert, Graduate School

Meloney Bowshier, Physics

Alvin Bradley, Facilities

Sian Brannon, Libraries

Regina Branton, Political Science

Amber Brasher, Educational Psychology

Jessica Brown, Admissions

Stephanie Brown, Orientation and Transition Programs

Keshia Bruno, Educational Psychology

Samra Bufkins, Journalism

Meredith Buie, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Kathy Burmeister, Vice President for University Relations

Randy Burrow, College of Engineering

Alvin Callahan, Printing Services

Israel Chavarria, Student Health and Wellness Center

Michael Clements, Vice President for University Relations

Carron Collier, Teach North Texas

Laurel Collins, UNT-International

Stormie Cooley, Police, Parking & Transport

Narendra Dahotre, Materials Science and Engineering

Tara Dakin, Dining Services

Jill Denniston, College of Education Student Advising

Richard DeRosa, Music - Jazz Studies

Nina Ditoro, Arts and Sciences Student Services

Diana Cheek Dunklau, Honors College

Susie Enebo, Counseling and Higher Education

Randy Evans, Micro Maintenance and Classroom Support

Brandi Everett, College Of Business

Miriam D. Ezzani, Teacher Education and Administration

Ken Fairman, Facilities

April Fehler, PACS Undergraduate Programs

James Fischer, Printing Services

Laura Flanders, Program for Academic Readiness

Fernando Fleurquin, UNT-International

Aleksandra Fortier, Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Irene Elizabeth Frank, College of Education Student Advising

Carol Frederick, Student Health and Wellness Center

Matthew Fry, Geography

Song Fu, Computer Science and Engineering

Norine Jaloway Gill, Rehab, Social Work and Addictions

Manuel Goel, UNT-International

Joshua Gosdin, Victory Hall Housing

Rachel Grimes, Student Money Management

Jeffrey Guintivano, Libraries

Lisa Hall, Advancement

Suliman Hawamdeh, Library - Information Science

Christi Hestand, Equity and Diversity

Nicole Hicks, Facilities

Jonathan Holland, CLEAR

Brad Holt, Vice President for University Relations

Joshua N. Hook, Psychology

Joanna Hussey, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Pankaj Jain, Philosophy and Religion

Hee Soun Jang, Public Administration

Katie Jenkins, Arts and Sciences Student Services

John Stephen Joiner, Marketing

Doryce Judd, Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation

Kiko Kawamura, Mathematics

Jeonghyun "Annie" Kim, Library - Information Science

Briana Knox, Libraries

Paul Leenhouts, Music - Conducting & Ensembles

Yuankun Lin, Physics

Endia Lindo, Educational Psychology

Tiffany Bonner Lipscomb, Admissions

Derek Mackel, Athletics

Linda E. Masters, College of Arts and Sciences

Lauren Matthews, Speech and Hearing Sciences

Andrew Mazurkewicz, Asset Management

Britney McCartney, Risk Management

Allison M. McLeod, Accounting Department

Alex Mendoza, History

Patricia Mercado, Multicultural Center

Amy Miller, Associate Dean for Educator Preparation

Ron Mittler, Biology

Israel R Morales, Facilities

Angela Nelson, College of Engineering

Adrienne Nettles, Vice President for University Relations

Gilbert O. Nyandoto, Physics

Bridget O’Brien, Child Development Lab

Felix Olschofka, Music - Instrumental Studies

Desiree Padron, Trio Center For Student Development

Maria R Palma, Facilities

Sampath Pamidimukkala, College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism

Peter Pincemin Johnstone, Criminal Justice

Jonathan Pinkston, Behavior Analysis

Masood Raja, English

Michael Reeves, Facilities

Zane Reif, Union Administration

Anne N. Rinn, Educational Psychology

Walter Roberts, History

Jose L. Rodriguez, Facilities

Sean Alan Ryan, Honors College

Julie Satagaj, Office of Grants and Contracts Administration

Hendrik Schulze, Music History, Theory and Ethnomusicology

Elena Shulaev, Biology

Vladimir Shulaev, Biology

Laura Siebeneck, Public Administration

Michael Simmons, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Jason Simon, Data, Analytics and Institutional Research

Daniella Smith, Library - Information Science

Shannon Smith, Decision Support

Luhua Song, Biology

Susan Elaine Squires, Anthropology

Jessica Strubel, Merchandising and Digital Retailing

Yuliya Summers, Teacher Education and Administration

Yong Xin Tao, Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Troy Taylor, Athletics

Sophilia Thompson, Trio Center for Student Development

Steven Thompson, Catering

Earl Thompson Jr., Facilities

Ryan Ueland, UNT PACS Computing Center

Jaya Vaidyanathan, Office of Grants and Contracts Administration

Sheila Van Bree, Army ROTC

Phyllis H. Vaughn, Union Administration

Laura Walker, Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation

Teresa L. Walls, Teach North Texas

Cindy G. Watson, Teach North Texas

Bonita White, Athletics

Matt Wilkinson, Facilities

Kristie D. Wright, College of Arts and Sciences

Kevin Yanowski, Libraries

Priscilla Ybarra, English

Jamaal Young, Teacher Education and Administration

Jemimah Young, Teacher Education and Administration

Nancy Zamora, Trio Center For Student Development

Oksana Zavalina, Library - Information Science

10 years

Rhonda Acker, Vice President for Enrollment

Greg Altuna, Vice President for University Relations

Katy Atcheson, Behavior Analysis

Kelly Ayers, College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism

Indra Bhagat, COBA Student Services

Ben Bigby, Music

Charles Blankson, Marketing

Joey Boerner, Facilities

Rosa Brock, Victory Hall Dining Services

Alison Chapman, Auxiliary Services

Vickie L. Coffey, Risk Management

Katie Crowder, Linguistics

Anthony A. Curran, Jr., Biology

Beverly Ann Davenport, Anthropology

Roxanne Davenport, Learning Center

Erin N. Day, COBA Student Services

Mark Dobson, Radio, TV and Film

Jodi Lee Duryea, College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism

Santos Escamilla Sr., Facilities

Toby Faber, College of Information

Lindsey Fields, Housing Administration

Erik Forney, Materials Science and Engineering

Mari Jo French, Computing and Information Technology Center

Greg Fry, Facilities

Christopher J. Fuhrmann, History

Amy Fuller, Communication Studies

Natalie Garcia-McIntire, Graduate School

Paul F Goebel, Student Money Management

Diana Gonzalez, Bruce Hall Dining Services

Ruthie Gray, Facilities

Bryan K. Hale, Police, Parking & Transport

Tara Hall, Printing Services

Ben Hanisian, Student Recreation Center

Dickie Hargrave, UNT-International

Kenneth Hill Jr., Facilities

Joe Hinson, Printing Services

Christopher Dimitrios Horiates, Administrative IT

Rebecca L. How, Learning Technologies

Laurea D. Irving, President-UNT

Pudur Jagadeeswaran, Biology

Reginald Johnson, Athletics

Matt Kernan, Computer Science and Engineering

Margie Lagleder, Advancement

Julie Leuzinger, Libraries

Jeffrey Lewin, Marketing

Tommy Malone, Facilities

Lisa Martin, College of Engineering

Clemencia Meraz, Facilities

Mark Mills, Facilities

Todd Moye, History

Kathy L. Nichols, Accounting Department

Joyce Nixon, Bruce Hall Dining Services

David Owen, Police, Parking and Transport

Julie Elliott Payne, Vice President for University Relations

Yvonne "Von" Penaluna, Asset Management

Clarissa Potter, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Sergio Renovato, Union Administration

Belinda Reyes, College of Visual Arts and Design

Brandon Robertson, Office of Grants and Contracts Administration

Veronica Sanchez, Maple Hall Dining Services

Erin C. Schafer, Speech and Hearing Sciences

Thomas W. Scharf, Materials Science and Engineering

Michael W Schlund, Behavior Analysis

Nigel Shepherd, Materials Science and Engineering

Suzanne Shockley, Dance and Theatre

Loyd Sims, Housing Custodial Services

Karl Skaar, Asset Management

Phyllis Slocum, Radio, TV and Film

Mainor Sosa, Kerr Hall Dining Services

Carrie Stoeckert, Computing and Info Tech Center

Rochelle Sykes, Journalism

James Taylor, Administrative IT

Sally Nystuen Vahle, Dance and Theatre

Helen Weihe, College Of Education

Kurt Weihe, Physics

Jaymi Wenzel, College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism

Julie Espinoza, Marketing

Constance Williams, Financial Aid

Nicholas Williams, Music - Conducting and Ensembles

John Wilson, Asset Management

Kelly L. Yocum, Asset Management

Sean Zeigler, Vice President for University Relations

15 years

Anita Adefope, Victory Hall Dining Services

Tony Baker, Music - Instrumental Studies

Laura A. Barraza, Housing Custodial Services

Ann Bartts, COBA Student Services

Charity Beck, Vice President for University Relations

Andrea Black, Technology

Matthew Bourbon, Art Studio

Julia Bushkova, Music - Instrumental Studies

Gayla Byerly, Libraries

Roberto Calderon, History

Brenda Cates, Financial Planning and Budgets

Li-Fen Anny Chang, Art Design

Susan Cheal, Art Studio

Ching-Chung Kuo, Management

Ron Chrisman, University Press

Allen Clark, AVP for University Information Services

Kenneth “Kacey” Close III, College of Visual Arts and Design

Jeffrey Cokely, Speech and Hearing Sciences

Cynthia M. Cready, Sociology

Sushama A. Dandekar, Chemistry

Judy C. DeLay, Accounting

Kelly Donahue-Wallace, Art Education and History

Andrew J. Enterline, Political Science

Elizabeth Figa, Library - Information Science

Laura Ford, Music

Karen Goss, Graduate School

Lorenza G. Guzman, Facilities

Michelle Hale, Vice President for University Relations

Pamela Esprivalo Harrell, Teacher Education and Administration

Robin Henson, Educational Psychology

Richard L. Hofer, Housing Administration

Judy Hunter, Libraries

Becky King, Music

Julie Kirkland, Arts and Sciences Student Services

Irene J. Klaver, Philosophy and Religion

Mark Lambert, Radio, TV and Film

Lynn Lassiter, Registrar

Cheryl D. Lawler, Physics

Jongsoo Lee, World Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Ernest R. Lerma, Decision Support

Corey Marks, English

Lisa E. Maxwell, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Kathryn McCauley, Student Legal Services

Sandy McKnight, Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Pamela M. Milner, COBA Student Services

Reza A. Mirshams, Engineering Technology

Gwendolyn Nell Moore, Office of Outreach

Carla Marie Mowell, Educational Psychology

James E. Mueller, Journalism

Christine Paswan, College of Arts and Sciences

Dana Sachs, Student Health and Wellness Center

Randy Salsman, Facilities

David B. Schwarz, Music History, Theory and Ethnomusicology

Chris Seroka, Athletics

Joanie Smith, International Studies Program

Nancy Spears, Marketing

Cletus Spehr, Arts & Sciences General Access Lab

Jason Stults, Mail Services

Jeanne Tunks, Teacher Education and Administration

Manish Vaidya, Behavior Analysis

Jorge Luis Vazquez, Facilities

Margo Watson, Registrar

Lisa Whitby, Arts and Sciences Student Services

Carol D. Wickstrom, Teacher Education and Administration

Lisa M. Williams, Auxiliary Services

20 years

Melissa Boyer, Financial Aid

Maria A. Campos, Housing Custodial Services

Hank Dickenson, Athletics

Cathy A. Flowers, Union Administration

Lisa Gage, Economics

Lorenzo Garcia, Dance and Theatre

Rebecca J. Glover, Educational Psychology

Olga D. Grieco, UNT-International

Cathy Nelson Hartman, Libraries

Marjorie Hayes, Dance and Theatre

Robert Hayes, Engineering Technology

John Hedlund, Athletics

Warren Henry, Music

William Anthony Henzler, Facilities

Paul Hons, Technology

H. Dewayne Hughes, Facilities

Joel Juliot, Financial Aid

Nancy Kent, Vice President for University Relations

Carolyn Levin, Radio, TV and Film

Rebecca L. Lothringer, Admissions

Richard A. Mabry, College of Public Affairs and Community Service -Advising

Craig M. Marshall, Music - Jazz Studies

George Morrison, Teacher Education and Administration

Reeca Jane Pulliam, Kinesiology, Health Promotion, and Recreation

Kathleen L. Reynolds, Music - Instrumental Studies

Judy Schietroma, Music

Connie Thompson, Housing Custodial Services

Mary Ann Venner, Libraries

Rae Dianne White, Student Health & Wellness Ctr

Laura Whitney, Facilities

25 years

Thomas R. Barton, PACS Undergraduate Programs

Angie Blank, Graduate School

Gloria C. Cox, Political Science

Tami Deaton, Geography

Harry Ellis, Jr., Economics

Paolo Grigolini, Physics

Margaret Hall, Biology

Mary Hardin, Athletics

Jorge L. Hernandez Sr., Facilities

Jane E. Himmel, Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign

Stanley R. Ingman, Applied Gerontology

Maliyakal D. Jayakumar, Information Technology & Decision Sciences

Jeffry A. Kelber, Chemistry

H. Gill King, Biology

Marie-Christine Weidmann Koop, World Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Ben Levin, Radio, TV and Film

Kathryn A. Loafman, Libraries

Gary Mathews, College of Information

Mark McKnight, Libraries

Michael Monticino, Mathematics

Casi Odom, Admissions

Randy Oliver, Facilities

Ian Parberry, Computer Science & Engineering

Jose Perez, Physics

Kathryn Raign, Technical Communication

Daniel G. Rodeheaver, Sociology

Karen Weiller-Abels, Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation

Richard E. White, Management

30 years

John S Baen II, Finance, Insurand Real Estate and Law

Sandra Davidson, Libraries

Lethia Fanuiel, TRiO Center For Student Development

Marta Hoffman-Wodnicka, Libraries

James D. Laney, Teacher Education and Administration

Cecil Wayne Miller, Coliseum/Gateway Center

Mary Jane Moore, Coliseum/Gateway Center

Michael L. Nieswiadomy, Economics

Isela Telma Ordonez, Maple Hall Dining Services

35 years

Cengiz H. Capan, College Of Business

Thomas Evenson, College of Public Affairs & Community Service

Paul R. Madlock, Facilities

Lynn McCreary, Registrar

Nancy K. Reis, Libraries

Kathleen Swigger, Computer Science and Engineering

40 years

Thomas Johnson, Music - Instrumental Studies

Sharon K. Turner, Auxiliary Services

Posted on: Mon 04 January 2016

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