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Revenue will help ensure that UNT offers high quality education, says Rawlins

President V. Lane Rawlins discussed UNT’s budget and a possible tuition and fee increase in Fall 2011 at a public hearing for all students March 1. Find a video of the discussion.

Here is additional information:

In March, the university will be asking the UNT System Board of Regents to consider a 2.8 percent increase in total academic cost over the cost already approved for Fall 2011.

If approved, this increase would cost students $118 more on a 15 semester credit hour bill.

On average, total academic costs for a 15-hour class load are:

  • Fall 2010 - $4,169
  • Fall 2011 - $4,274
  • proposed Fall 2011 - $4,391

With this $118 increase per student, the university anticipates being able to:

  • hire more faculty (keeping student to faculty ratios at 23:1)
  • improve classroom spaces (provide better learning environment)
  • meet basic operating needs (so we can offer more classes, open closed majors, serve students and provide quality services – advising, counseling, financial aid, etc.)

All Texas universities are facing substantial cuts to their state funding because of the deficit Texas faces.

The cuts to higher education at the state level will directly impact the quality of education students receive.

At UNT, we anticipate facing a possible reduction in state funding of somewhere between $4 million and $10 million from the 2010-11 base budget, which already is reduced from cuts made during the previous 2 years.

At the same time, our university is growing. While this growth does provide additional revenue, it also means there are more students in our classrooms and on our campus who are paying for and deserve a high-quality higher education, which is what UNT has always been able to provide.

In order to continue providing students with the quality education they pay for, deserve and need, UNT must ensure:

  • that our classes don’t become too large
  • that our advising, mentoring and counseling services don’t become too overwhelmed and
  • that our ability to provide critical student services such as financial aid, class scheduling and registration, as well as many others don’t slip.

UNT receives the lowest level of state funding per student among our peers even though we serve the fourth largest student population in the state, 36,000 students.

  • 2008 UNT received $6,574 per student in state funding ($6,203 in 2010)
  • 2008 average per student state funding to ERUs $7,735 (2010 n/a)

To ensure that we are able to provide at least the same level of support we offer now to our growing student body, we need additional revenue to ensure that the education we offer remains high-quality.

We also need to ensure that we allocate the funds we have to support our goals.

UNT is committed to becoming the best undergraduate university in Texas. To do so, we have to continue to provide a high-quality education and experience. And, we have to improve our research because the best undergraduate universities are the best research universities.

We recognize that the cost of an education is among the most important factors in deciding to get a higher education. And, increases to the bottom line for students are not taken lightly.

  • UNT staff work to find ways to ensure that the total cost of an education remains affordable.
  • UNT participated in the pilot textbook rental program as a way to offer students a more affordable option.
  • The university contributes 20 percent of its tuition revenue aside to fund scholarships and aid.

Posted on: Tue 01 March 2011

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