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Report tells of transformation and achievement

President V. Lane RawlinsJune 20, 2012

Dear UNT community,

The University of North Texas experienced an exciting year in 2011, one that was full of transformation and achievement.

Propelled by our four bold goals, UNT is on a journey to become a public research university that is world-class in every way and that offers students the best educational experience. As you will read in the President's Annual Report 2011, UNT has made significant progress toward our goals and shines brightly for our students and communities as "A green light to greatness."

In addition to printing the report and posting it online, we are making a greater effort to have people read the publication electronically. That’s why we are introducing an iPad version and have expanded the web experience. I hope this makes reading the report more convenient while also allowing you to share the information in the report more easily.

The iPad version, which automatically loads when you visit the annual report website through your iPad, is full of all the interactive capabilities you would expect. And it enables you to easily share parts of the report or the entire report through Facebook, Twitter and email.

I'm proud of the work we do and how our success is highlighted in this report. I encourage you to share the annual report with your co-workers and friends because letting others know about our impact helps build our reputation and spreads UNT pride.

Our web version can be viewed easily on any computer or mobile device. It also includes a PDF version that allows you to download the report in a more traditional magazine format, but without the paper, which is important to all of us here at UNT.

You can read more about the report on InHouse.

This is just one more way UNT is embracing technology and living true to our mantra that “We Mean Green.” I hope you enjoy the enhanced digital experience and are inspired to share the annual report.

I am proud of UNT's accomplishments and ambitions, and hope you are too. Thank you for your support.


V. Lane Rawlins

UNT President


Posted on: Tue 19 June 2012

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