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Online onboarding available to student and hourly employees

The Business Service Center (BSC) extended the new employee online onboarding process to undergraduate student employees, graduate student employees and non-student hourly employees at all UNT System institutions beginning Aug. 1.

The addition of hourly and student employees is another step in streamlining the new employee process, presenting further savings in materials and labor, and generating multiple other tangible benefits for the UNT System. Online onboarding for new benefits-eligible faculty and staff was rolled out earlier in the summer at UNT, UNT System Administration, UNT Dallas and UNT Health Science Center.

  • Learn more about the online onboarding process for undergraduate student employees, graduate student employees and non-student hourly employees.

“Our goal is to get this information out to a new student or non-student hourly employee as soon as that person is hired,” according to Donna Shell, BSC director of human resources. “The online process for student and non-student hourly employees is designed for that person to be able to complete their onboarding before starting work, allowing them to hit the ground running on the first day.”

Shell said that although completing the process is not mandatory for a new hire before starting work, it will be mandatory for them to complete the online process by the end of their first day of employment.

Creation of the online onboarding product is a result of direct cooperation and collaboration between the BSC and Information Technology Shared Services, with input from each campus.

In addition to streamlining the process from a new employee standpoint, online onboarding presents many benefits for UNT System employees whose job it is to process a new hire. Since the data is entered directly into EIS, the amount of paper generated from the process is greatly reduced. Also, since the process is contained in EIS, the need for shuffling packets of papers between departments is either reduced or removed completely.

With the transition to new-employee online onboarding, the I-9 documents verification process has also gone online. Watch a brief video explaining the I-9 documents verification process.

- Matthew MacVeigh, Marketing and Communications Specialist

Posted on: Tue 07 August 2012

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