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New website provides one-stop service for space planning needs

Darlene Callahan, director, Office of Space Management and PlanningThe Office of Space Management and Planning launched a new website to better help faculty and staff navigate office moves, renovations and space issues.

The new site will allow the office to further streamline space issues for the campus community. On the new site, visitors can do the following:

  • Find forms such as the Space Request Form, Change in Function Form, and the Move Notification Form
  • Review reports and plans such as the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Space Projection Model and Classroom Utilization reports and the Denton Campus Master Plan, Union Master Plan and the Discovery Park Master Plan
  • Learn about the federal and state laws and guidelines that govern university space
  • Learn about OSMP staff

Overall, don’t forget that if it is space-related on the UNT campus, OSMP is critical, says Darlene Callahan, right, director of the Office of Space Management and Planning. “The office oversees the planning, tracking, assigning, auditing and reporting space needs for the entire campus and the UNT System to ensure the university’s Master Plan is appropriately followed,” she says.

The office is charged with:

  • Coordinating all major renovations and new construction on and off campus including Woodhill Square, Discovery Park, Mean Green Village, Kristin Farmer Autism Center and others
  • Projecting and identifying the university’s actual space needs
    Assigning and auditing the utilization of classroom and laboratory space to ensure the university is operating efficiently and in line with the strategic goals and THECB and Federal guidelines
  • Preparing the state and federal reports (These reports are extremely important to the university as they have an impact on funding received by UNT.)
  • Helping keep the campus community safe by maintaining and providing accurate floor plans and people locations to Risk Management, UNT Police, and others for use in case of emergency such as fire or natural disaster.

“Our office is dedicated to helping you with one of the university’s most limited resources – space,” Callahan says. “We strive to be a resource for faculty and staff across campus in an effort to address your space needs.”

Ron Ruiz, Office of Space Planning and Management

Cheryl Benningfield, Office of Space Management and Planning

Right, Cheryl Benningfield, space inventory manager, and Ron Ruiz, office manager


Posted on: Thu 01 November 2012

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