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Management Excellence Council to focus on operations and service standards

July 12, 2011

Dear UNT community,

President V. Lane RawlinsWhen I formed the President's Councils, I did so with the intent of creating a strong foundation for shared decision making, bringing together key players on crucial issues affecting the university's future. The councils are tackling such overarching questions as:

  • How big will UNT grow?
  • How will we accommodate that growth?
  • How can we raise the image and reputation of the university?

Another important question to explore is how can we improve our quality of service so that our students benefit from all of the things we have promised them: a supportive environment, a high-quality education and a fulfilling college experience.

To do this, we must consider how we do business. Building on a philosophy of enhanced service, we should look for ways to become more effective in our operations and practices so that we function as an even more cohesive team in support of these fundamental promises. Enhancing our level of service to each other will make our jobs easier and will strengthen our work environment. 

Andrew Harris, vp, finance and administrationI have formed a new Management Excellence Council that will consider this question and review our operations and service standards while also finding ways to ensure that we are continuously improving. Andrew Harris, left, vice president for finance and administration, is the chair of this new council. I also am serving on this council.

UNT already has a strong culture of support because of our dedicated faculty, staff and administration. You understand that students are at the heart of what we do and you work hard every day to make sure they succeed. I appreciate all that you do. The Management Excellence Council will help us take our commitment and efforts to the next level.

Thank you for everything you do every day.


V. Lane Rawlins



Posted on: Tue 12 July 2011

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