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Lisa Goodwin believes in her cause, supporting UNT students

Lisa Goodwin, financial aidWe Care We Count, the annual faculty and staff giving campaign began April 2 and will continue through May 4.

The campaign allows employees to make a gift to the area of their choice. Donations support scholarships and academic programs. The 2012 campaign includes a challenge from President V. Lane Rawlilns, who has pledged to match donations made to scholarships or the EDGE program, which supports GED classes for employees.

  • Learn more about We Care We Count at Sundae on a Monday kickoff from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. April 9 in the Business Leadership Building, 2nd floor terrace.

“All of us who work at UNT are here because we believe in higher education and the opportunity for individuals to prepare themselves to be all they can be,” says Lisa Goodwin, above, assistant director, Scholarships, Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. “We work for and with our cause every day.

“I encourage everyone to take a minute and consider supporting students as your cause through the We Care We Count campaign," said Goodwin. "Remember, a cause is something you support because you believe in it and what it stands for. Supporting students who are striving to make a difference means you are making a difference too.”

Student Veagan Rogers, right, is grateful for scholarship support from UNT donors.

“Without scholarship support, college would not even be an option for me, she says. “I come from a single parent household and scholarships have enabled me to go to college.

“I always wanted to go to college, but I had no clue how I would be able to pay for it. When I received scholarships and financial aid, I knew that I would be able to make it happen.

“Your help doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you! Your support makes it possible for me to continue my career at UNT and graduation.”

 (Photos by Gary Payne and Jun Ma)

Posted on: Tue 03 April 2012

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