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Ideas bloom in Innovation Greenhouse

Start-up weekendStudents with ideas from techology innovations to new businesses can visit the newly opened Innovation Greenhouse and find on- and off-campus resources to bring their ideas to life.

The Innovation Greenhouse, in Sycamore Hall, aims to help students apply classroom learning, and use knowledge gained through hands-on experience to succeed in the rapidly growing innovation field, said executive director Nancy Hong.

“We want to help students who are thinking about creating jobs for themselves and others,” Hong said. “Any students with ideas can come in, and we will connect them with resources and coach them on how to make their ideas reality.”

Michael Monticino, vice president for advancement and director of development for the UNT FoundationThe Innovation Greenhouse will help students outline structure for their ideas, refer them to networking and internship opportunities and hold workshops on investment and other topics to foster innovation.

The Greenhouse will provide referrals for students to on-campus resources, including the Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship, housed in the College of Business, as well as faculty at Discovery Park who can help students with access to lab space and provide mentoring.

Senior Henry Boston is interested in startups and entrepreneurship. He participated in the Greenhouse’s Startup Weekend in January and won first place for an idea he, a fellow student and community members developed. Their idea will use Xbox Kinect technology to create tracking and marketing opportunities for business owners. Boston also has become the first member of the Innovation Greenhouse Advisory Board.

“The Innovation Greenhouse is a great place for  students interested in technology, startups and entrepreneurship to hang out and collaborate,” Boston said. “Students can bounce ideas off each other and help each other to grow.”

Freshman Ben Davis participated as a coach at Startup Weekend and is another member of the Innovation Greenhouse Board.

“At its core, we want the Greenhouse to be about connections – enter with an idea, leave with the network you need to make it happen,” Davis said. “We’re standing on the cusp of an entrepreneurial renaissance at UNT, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

 -Leslie Wimmer, News Promotions

(Above, participants in the inaugural Startup Weekend. Right, Michael Monticino, vice president for advancement and director of development for the UNT Foundation, spoke at the Startup Weekend.)

Posted on: Tue 12 March 2013

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