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How to prepare your news for InHouse

InHouse is happy – thrilled, actually – that members of the campus community can share information and news. UNT is a busy, bustling university with lots of activity of interest to faculty and staff. InHouse is available to help us all keep in touch.

Prepare items for submission by following these guidelines:

  • You may post directly into Drupal content management. Or, write your item in a plain, non-formatted Word document. Please do not use special characters, unusual margins, clip art or other features that may be useful for workplace documents, but will not translate to the Drupal system.
  • Write items in a conversational, straight-forward style. Do not use jargon or abbreviations, especially for organizations and societies that may not be known outside your department or area of expertise. Readers will appreciate clarity.
  • Use the Associated Press Stylebook (available online or at the UNT Bookstore) to conform to InHouse-style punctuation, titles, capitalization and abbreviations.
  • Submitted information should not exceed 250 words. Edit information so that the posting is concise and clear. Occasionally, some items include required legal or legislative-mandated language that may necessitate a posting longer than 250 words, but it’s best to link to complex information, policies and procedures, maps, posters and similar documents, rather than prepare a lengthy posting.

Remember to include these facts:

  • What do readers need to know, the main idea of the posting.
  • Why do readers need to know.
  • Where is the event or activity, including the building name, room number and address if not on campus.
  • When is the event – time, day and date, i.e., 6 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 15.
  • How to reply, register, make reservations, buy tickets.
  • Where can the reader find more information; include a link to department page, name of person to contact with phone and email.

When the item is complete, follow this procedure:

  • Highlight the text.
  • Go to the Styles bar at the top right of the page.
  • Click on Clear All.
  • Click on Normal.
  • Use the Normal drop down to clear any remaining formatting.
  • Click on No Spacing. You may manually separate paragraphs, but keep the document in the No Spacing mode.
  • Save the document.
  • Go to Review, upper left corner, and complete Spelling and Grammar check.
  • Copy and paste links to UNT or other web sites in the text. 
  • Save the document for your files.

Go to the InHouse website, log in and follow the instructions to submit your post for moderation. Click on the Word icon, then paste text, which transfers the text to content management system. If you have difficulty, contact InHouse, 940-565-3506.

Items usually will be live online within 24 hours. Moderators will contact you if additional information is needed.

Thank you for sharing news with the campus community.

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