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Go Mean Green! Beat Tech! … in annual effort to support community groups

Lane RawlinsDear UNT community,

Every October, the UNT community shows its generosity by contributing to the State Employees Charitable Campaign, or SECC. This year's theme is Faculty and staff working together for our community, which represents what we do every day at UNT.

This year, there is an added incentive to contribute to SECC and raise as much money as possible. I have challenged Texas Tech President Guy Bailey to a showdown. I say that UNT will beat Texas Tech in getting more of our faculty and staff to contribute to SECC. The stakes are, well, probably steaks, because the loser has to treat the winner to dinner. But more importantly our green pride is on the line. I know that because UNT’s spirit is one of generosity we will outshine Tech.

We have set a goal of raising at least $200,000 this year and having at least half of our faculty and staff members participate in the campaign. We'll need to surpass that by a wide margin because Texas Tech is aiming to raise at least $515,000 with 50 percent of their faculty and staff. I know that we can step it up and beat Texas Tech!

It's not just bragging rights that we want to claim. Your gift to charitable organizations can make a huge difference for those who are less fortunate or need a helping hand. By banding together, UNT can have a significant impact on the Denton community and beyond. 

The state makes it as easy as possible to give:

  • You can donate to more than 400 local, state and national organizations.
  • You can be assured that your money goes to legitimate, regularly audited nonprofits.
  • You can donate as a payroll deduction or a one-time gift.
  • You will soon receive a letter about the SECC with a packet attached. Please complete the information and return the packet either by campus mail or in person to: SECC, University Cashiers in the Eagle Student Services Building.

On behalf of the SECC co-chairs, Jerry Thomas, dean of the College of Education, and Denise Harpool, administrative assistant in Facilities, I encourage you to show your Mean Green pride by helping others. And don't forget the other ways you can support SECC:

  • Join us  Oct. 6 for the SECC picnic at Library Mall.
  • Tee off Oct. 18 for the UNT-Schneider Electric 11th Annual SECC Golf Tournament.
  • There will also be Celebrity Waiter lunches at Avesta Restaurant, in the University Union, Thursdays in October. Tips will be donated to SECC.

Thank you again for all that you do to support UNT and the people of Texas. Help us win this challenge and show the Red Raiders that we Mean Green!


V. Lane Rawlins


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