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Fun Fact: UNT is a leader in digital information management

Willis LibraryUNT Libraries are one of the country’s leading repositories of digital information. Users who visit online collections can find such treasure troves of information as which of the following?

 A. The Gordon Knox Film Collection

B.  Instructions for making cheese at home.

C. Old government documents.

D.  A 2008 report about global literacy.

The correct answer is … all of the above. UNT is an international leader in collection, management and storage of information in the digital age. Digital information links to text, images, video and audio from collections on campus and around the state.

UNT will observe National Library Week April 6-12 with a panel discussion about electronic books, a genealogy workshop and a presentation about building green libraries, all at Discovery Park library, Room 135. 

Go online to learn about the Gordon Knox Film Collection which contains 67 Knox films. Knox, a native of Greenville, may be best known for films made for the federal government during World War II and for corporate histories, documentaries and commercial films, including those made for Macy’s, McDonnell Aircraft and the New Jersey Highway Department. 

The Government Documents A to Z project includes federal materials produced before 1960. That’s where you’ll find a U.S. Department of Agriculture guide to home cheese making.

You’ll find a report of the White House Symposium on Advancing Global Literacy, held in New York City Sept. 22, 2008 in the cyber cemetery, which provides electronic archival access to anyone seeking information generated or collected by a U.S. government agency that is no longer operational.

Since 1948, UNT has been one of 1,300 U.S. federal depository libraries that provide free government information. UNT was chosen as the first caretaker in 1997, when a Memorandum of Understanding, established between the university and the U.S. Government Printing Office, created the UNT cyber cemetery as the prototype digital depository for accumulated information from defunct agencies.  

  • Enter to win a UNT eco-friendly shopping bag, perfect to carry your mobile device or laptop to search the digital library … or maybe even an old fashioned printed book. Send an email to InHouse with “Digital” in the subject line by 5 p.m. April 8. Winners will be selected at random from all responses.

Posted on: Mon 04 April 2011

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