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Fun Fact: Diapers, eyeliner or sunglasses?

College Optical ExpressAnnual benefits enrollment is scheduled July 22-Aug. 4 for faculty and staff at UNT and all UNT System campuses.

One available benefit is the flexible spending account, or TexFlex, which allows pre-tax dollars to be set aside for certain medical care and supplies. Which of these items is eligible for TexFlex purchase?

A. Diapers

B. Sunglasses

C. Permanent eyeliner and eye shadow

D. Vitamins

The correct answer is B. Sunglasses – so long as they have a corrective prescription – are eligible for TexFlex dollars. Eye exams, contact lenses, over-the-counter reading glasses and expenses related to medical procedures such as LASIK and cataract surgery are eligible, too.

These items may be purchased with money deducted from employee pay before taxes are calculated, thus creating savings. The money is tucked away in a flexible spending arrangement and must be used for qualified health care and medical expenses during a designated time period.

You can spend those pre-tax dollars right here on campus. College Optical Express in Chestnut Hall is the first full service optometric practice on a Texas college campus. Optometrist Toan Tran and staff offer exams, contact lenses and supplies, frames and prescription eyeglasses.

Annual benefits enrollment for UNT and all UNT System entities will be from July 22 to Aug. 4. Changes in benefits or new enrollments must be made by Aug. 4 to be effective at the start of the 2014 fiscal year Sept. 1.

A Personal Benefits Enrollment Statement was sent to employees from the Employee Retirement System of Texas (ERS) beginning July 1. This statement includes each employee’s current benefits information.

  • Learn more about Summer Annual Enrollment from ERS.
  • Questions? Call 1-855-878-7650 to reach a UNT System Human Resources representative.

Diapers? Vitamins? Both are eligible for TexFlex purchase if they are determined to be medically necessary by your physician or health care provider. Cosmetic surgery such as permanent eye makeup is not eligible.


- Carolyn Bobo, UNT System Human Resources

College Optical Express office manager Curtiss Freeland and employee Joseph Pino examine glasses at the College Optical Express, located in Chestnut Hall. (Photo by Michael Clements/URCM)

Posted on: Mon 08 July 2013

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