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Faculty, staff encouraged to refer students to Union Master Plan Project

By Stefanie Ritz, assistant director, assessment, marketing and planning, University Union

What’s next?

I’ve been getting asked that a lot lately and it is a fair question.  After all, students just chose to support a referendum that would renovate and expand the current University Union.  If I was in your shoes, I would want to know “What’s next?” too!

Well, the good news is that the fun part is here. After the UNT System Board of Regents review and give their approve the current Union Master Plan timeline and scope at its May 17-18 meeting, a year-long process will start that involves thousands of meetings with architects, consultants, and construction managers.

The best part about these meetings is that you get to be involved every step of the way.

The Union Master Plan has prided itself on having a lot of student involvement and that will not change.  Throughout the next 12 months, we will be soliciting student input and asking for people to be a part of the planning process.  While many of you saw conceptual drawings of what the union could look like, please understand that these drawings were just that: conceptual. Now you will have input into the final design and features in the new University Union.  We are asking that you help us design it because it is your building.

There are a number of ways to help. 

  • First of all, keep those comments coming on the Union Master Plan Facebook and official website. We are writing everything down and doing our best to accommodate any requests that may come up throughout this process.
  • Second, if you have more time, stop by the office and ask to be a part of the committee.  While it is an intense experience with a lot of meetings, you will have a direct say in what happens with the facility.
  • Finally, attend one of the many student forums that will be coming up or visit with the Student Government Association (SGA).  At this point, you can voice any concerns you have with architects or your student representatives. 

Regardless of how you get involved, we want to hear what is on your mind!

With that being said, let me give you a quick run-down on what to expect over the next year:

  • May 2012 – UNT System Board of Regents review and approval of Union Master Plan
  • June 2012 – Kick-Off Meeting (Chancellor, President, Steering Committee, and Master Plan Committee)
  • June 2012-May 2013 – Design, modular unit construction, and transition discussions
  • May 18, 2013 – Last day to make reservations for use of current University Union
  • June 2013 – Vacate union; services relocated on campus
  • June 2013-June 2015 – Construction continues
  • June 2015 – New union soft opening; most services operating
  • August 2015 – New union grand opening

Please keep in mind that we will be doing our very best to stay transparent throughout this process, so you know everything that is going on.  We will have continuous updates on Facebook, Twitter, and on our webpage.  We will have construction cameras, observations decks, tours, and many other ways for you to see activities.

And finally, we will continue to seek your opinion through various student forums and design discussions, so please keep an eye out for these opportunities.

Thank you so much for your support up to this point and know that we need you now more than ever.

Your Union, Your Voice!

Posted on: Tue 01 May 2012

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