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Faculty, staff can learn to help students persevere

2013 Student PortraitsFaculty and staff are invited to attend the free, one-day symposium, “2013 Student Portraits: A Symposium for UNT Educators,” to discuss issues surrounding student success and persistence, May 2. Lunch is included for those who register.

This year’s theme for the third annual event, which will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Gateway Conference Center, is “Pieces of the Persistence Puzzle.”

The symposium will highlight UNT faculty and staff’s research and assessment activities that focus on student characteristics regarding persistence and student success. Faculty and staff can share information, discover best practices and learn ways to enhance students’ experiences to promote greater levels of persistence so they can achieve their dreams and obtain their degree.

Participants can register for all day, just the morning or afternoon sessions (with or without lunch), or any combination that fits their schedule. No walk up registrations will be accepted.

The day’s structure and tone was based on the 2012 book, Increasing Persistence: Research-based Strategies for College Student Success, by Wesley R. Habley, Jennifer L. Bloom and Steve Robbins, which asserts that three essential conditions are critical for student success – students must be motivated, engaged and connect with educational opportunities consistent with their interests and abilities.  

Jason SimonJason Simon, right, symposium chair and director of Institutional Assessment and Reporting, recommended that faculty and staff attend to share information and identify changes to bring the data back to their areas to improve decision making and academic/student support enhancements.

“Persistence was chosen because we felt like it was more inclusive of the entire population of our students on our campus,” he said. “It’s almost impossible to walk away from this gathering and not have a richer sense of the students we serve on a daily basis.”

President V. Lane Rawlins will begin the day with a welcome and then a panel of undergraduate and graduate students will talk about their successes and challenges at UNT.

The event also will include a closing panel of senior administrators discussing how to translate the persistence text into daily practice at UNT and more than 20 poster sessions highlighting campus assessment practices.

The event will feature 20 concurrent sessions dealing with student success from more than 20 areas on campus, including:

  • Fall 2012 Withdrawal Snapshot – Did They Stay or Did They Go?
  • Core Curriculum and Core Objectives: What do our students need to know?
  • Who Are Our Residents? Results from the Quality of Life Study
  • “We want you back!” The Returning Student Grant Project at UNT
  • Bridging the Gap Between Access and Success at UNT: The Emerald Eagle Scholars Program
  • UNT International Students On Campus
  • West Hall Male Initiative: Reaching men in different ways
  • Making Connections: Learning communities at UNT
  • Findings from the 2013 Graduate Student Landscape Study: What did we learn?
  • Results from the 2012 Summer Orientation Season: Trends and opportunities
  • Post-Secondary Education Partnerships: Engaging our early college high school students for success
  • Engagement leads to Persistence: Experiences of international undergraduate students
  • National Survey of Student Engagement at UNT: What was asked and what do we hope to learn about persistence?
  • Dataspot@UNT: What is it and what will it do?
  • Supplemental Instruction: A Portrait of the Program and the Students Involved
  • Study Abroard at UNT: Impacts on student success and retention
  • Impact of the Fall 2012 Engage Intervention: Importance of early identification and action
  • Student-Centered Value Research: Assessment Activities of the UNT Libraries
  • Students Legal Services at UNT: Impacting persistence through representation

The 2011 Student Portraits received the Gold Award and Grand Silver Medal for the Administrative, Assessment, Information Technology, Fundraising and Professional Development category for best practice by NASPA: Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education.

The symposium is sponsored by the Divisions of Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Institutional Equity and Diversity, Department of Decision Support, UNT Libraries, UNT International, Undergraduate Studies, Housing, Emerald Eagle Scholars, Title III Grant, Office of the Provost and the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.


Posted on: Tue 09 April 2013

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