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Faculty members named as fellows for UNT programs

Twenty faculty members will learn how to provide engaging lessons for students as NextGen 2013-14 Faculty Fellows.

They will be aided by staff and Senior Faculty Fellows in the Next Generation Course Redesign Program, which was created in 2006 to improve learning in large enrollment undergraduate courses with the use of innovative instructional techniques. 

Since then, UNT has created more than 377 NextGen sections to meet the needs of more than 20,000 students in a variety of disciplines.

NextGen 2013-2014 Faculty Fellows:

  • Aymara Boggiano, Adjunct Faculty, Foreign Language and Literature
  • Denise Catalano, Associate Professor, Rehabilitation, Social Work and Addictions    
  • John Collins, Associate Professor, Kinesiology/Health/Recreation       
  • Vicki Frost, Adjunct Faculty, Teacher Education and Administration   
  • Chuck Guarnaccia, Associate Professor, Psychology 
  • Mary Hannigan, Lecturer, Mathematics         
  • Paula Heller-Garland, Lecturer, Rehabilitation, Social Work and Addictions  
  • Krista Hines, Lecturer, Mathematics  
  • Alexandra Leavell, Associate Professor, Teacher Education and Administration         
  • Jim Morrow, Professor, Kinesiology/Health/Recreation
  • Andy Nelson, Lecturer, Anthropology
  • Ruth Payne, Grad Research Ast L2, Teacher Education and Administration
  • Sarah Pratt, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education and Administration          
  • Catherine Ragland, Visiting Assistant Professor, Music - History/Theory/Ethno         
  • Leslie Roberts, Senior Lecturer (Continuing), PACS Undergraduate Program
  • Jeanne Tunks, Associate Professor, Teacher Education and Administration    
  • Laura Walker, Lecturer, Kinesiology/Health/Recreation
  • Julie Williams, Graduate Services Assistant L2, Teacher Education and Administration
  • Kiseol Yang, Assistant Professor, Merchandising/Digital Retail
  • Jamaal Young, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education and Administration     

Five faculty members have been named fellows in the Transformative Instruction Initiative for Summer 2013. Members hope to increase student engagement by incorporating a sustainability project into their lessons.

Transformative Instruction Initiative (TII) Faculty Fellows:

  • JiYoung Kim, Assistant Professor, Merchandising and Digital Retailing
  • Young Hoon Kim, Assistant Professor, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Sanjukta Pookulangara, Assistant Professor-Merchandising and Digital Retailing
  • Nancy Stockdale, Associate Professor, History
  • Joseph Walker, Principal Lecturer, Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation

Both programs are part of the Center for Learning Enhancement  Assessment and Redesign (CLEAR).

Posted on: Fri 12 July 2013

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