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Faculty focus on groundbreaking research in plant science and more

The Signaling Mechanisms in Plants cluster is making UNT the place to be for investigating ways to improve crop yields, increase renewable energy sources, reduce the need for fertilizers and strengthen plant defenses against pests and disease. The cluster’s groundbreaking studies made the cover of the 2011 issue of UNT Research, which reports on science, scholarship and the arts at the university.

Other stories feature UNT’s next-generation work in nanotechnology, the new Center for Electronic Materials Processing and Integration supported by the Semiconductor Research Corp., Miranda warnings research that went all the way to the Supreme Court, and experts in fashion design and the digital world of merchandising and hospitality management.

You’ll also find news about other research studies and initiatives such as the new Nanofabrication Analysis and Research Facility under construction, and you can read about award-winning student researchers and 10 of the faculty experts who joined us this fall.

UNT Research is delivered to local and global business, government, education and research institutions. The magazine is designed to illustrate UNT’s mission as a student-focused public research university with a legacy of excellence.

Below: Researchers in UNT’s Signaling Mechanisms in Plants cluster include, from left, Brian Ayre, Guido Verbeck, Coordinator Kent Chapman, Jyoti Shah, Rebecca Dickstein, Barney Venables and Amanda Wright. They study how plants use cellular communication in growth, development and stress response. (Photo by Jonathan Reynolds)

Plant Signaling Cluster

Posted on: Tue 18 January 2011

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