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Facilities Automotive Department saves money, planet

Oil recycling, Facilities Automotive Department; Anthony BellOil re-refining by the Facilities' Automotive Department has reduced the cost of motor oil from $3.31 per quart to $2.25 per quart. The program began in fall 2011.

Oil re-refining is a process of recycling motor oil which uses EcoPower® or America’s Choice® brands of re-refined oil. After the oil is used, Facilities returns it to be reprocessed. Above, Anthony Bell, automotive services technician.

Rickey Stinchcomb, manager of the Automotive Department, is proud to report that the transition to the recycling process has gone well. The department has used a 55 gallon (220 quarts) drum of the 5w-30 and about half a drum of 5w-20. The oil is used in UNT’s fleet of Dodge, Ford and GM vehicles. The re-refined oil passed the stringent new quality standards of GM-Dexos and GM-6094m manufacturer's oil specifications.  

Though going green does not always cut cost and can sometime be a pricy alternative, the Automotive Department has managed to cut costs. The department went from spending $ 3.31 per quart to $2.25 per quart - a saving of $1.06 per quart. This means that every 55 gallon drum saves about about $221.06.

The refined oil that is used and sent to recycling, helps UNT Risk Management in the Pollution Prevention report, which now shows the progress in UNT recycling. Thus the Facilities Automotive Department has fulfilled its mission: Reducing automotive emissions through green innovation to improve our quality of life and environment.       

 – Amber Branch, student assistant, Facilities and Construction

(Photo by Jonathan Reynolds)

Posted on: Tue 20 December 2011

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