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Dining Services brings in changes for new year

BruceteriaA new school year means new additions and changes for how faculty, staff and students eat on campus. Dining Services has set up several new initiatives, including a campaign to reduce food waste, while the new Food Pavilion will replace the dining locations at the University Union.

Food Pavilion

The biggest change on campus will be the new Food Pavilion, the temporary food court near Sage Hall that has been set up while the new University Union is under construction. All Union dining places — including Avesta, The Campus Chat and the Corner Store — will remain closed during construction.

The pavilion includes Taco Bell; Chick-Fil-A; a grill that will feature burgers, chicken strips and homestyle meals. Grab-and-go items, such as sandwiches, salads and sushi, also will be available in the pavilion.

If you need a place to eat, there are tables and chairs set up on the first level of Sage Hall next door to the food pavilion.

Coffee lounge at General Academic Building

A full-service coffee bar will be installed this fall near the Mayborn School of Journalism at the General Academic Building. The bar will feature Caribou Coffee, a variety of grab-n-go items and fresh pastries. The bar will be similar to the set-up of Wooten Hall’s coffee station, but with different seating. Additionally, the seating has been changed so that computers face each other instead of the wall, allowing students to study together.

Clark Hall new bakery

A new centralized bakery will be located at Clark Grill, which was closed for several years to accommodate student programming. Dining Services will use this bakery to create fresh baked items for distribution to all dining halls, catering and retail locations and improve operational efficiencies.

BruceteriaBruce Hall dining hall

Known as The Bruceteria, the dining hall is being renovated to feature 200 additional seats for a total of 664. The new hall also will have a more open floor plan and a new entrance at the front of the building so visitors do not have to go through the rest of the building.

Food waste campaign

This academic year, Dining Services will start a campaign to encourage visitors not to waste food. Ken Botts, manager of special projects for Dining Services, said 40 percent of all food produced in the world is wasted.

“On campus, there is a lot of plate waste and this equates to higher food cost in our dining halls. We need the students’ help with this issue so that we can keep meal prices low and reduce our carbon footprint.”

To help with the effort, Dining Services cooks everything from scratch, so the food tastes better. The awareness campaign will start by placing messages and graphics around the dining halls about where food comes from and the impact that waste has. Those graphics will feature the slogan “Feed people, not landfills” and will first appear at Kerr Hall.

“We have a responsibility to make sure students are aware of the impact that food waste has on our campus, our community and our world,” Botts said.

Members of Eco Reps, a student organization that promotes sustainable lifestyles, will visit one dining hall a week to encourage waste reduction.

Dining Services also has joined the Environmental Protection Agency’s Food Recovery Challenge. For the 2013-14 year, Dining Services will gather information about how much waste they collect. Next school year, they will set goals about how they can reduce that waste.

(Above and below, students enjoy the food at the Bruceteria. Photos by Michael Clements/URCM)



Posted on: Tue 03 September 2013

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