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Deadlines near for FY11 Facilities-related charges

If your department typically incurs charges from Facilities, you will need to be aware of the following dates. The end of the fiscal year is upon us and everyone is finalizing their budgets.

Work Orders

Chargeable (non-maintenance) work orders must be completed and closed by Aug. 19 in order to process on FY11 funds, with few exceptions. This means that you will need to turn in your work order right away so that the work can be assigned and completed. If you are expecting your workorder charges to process with FY11 funds, please contact Work Control to make sure that the assigned shop is aware of your request and that it is feasible for them to complete and close the work order by Aug. 19.


Approved projects that plan on using FY11 funds must have already obtained a PRE (Preliminary Request for Estimate) and approval from the Budget Office before Facilities will pull those funds from DeptID’s. Funds than have been approved by the Budget Office will be pulled from DeptID’s no later than Sept. 7.


Fuel transactions and charges as a result of obtaining fuel from Facilities' fuel station through Aug. 31 will be processed with FY11 funds on Sept. 3 and should appear in your Cognos reports on Sept. 4.

Fuel transactions and charges as a result of obtaining fuel using a fuel credit card through Aug. 31 will be processed with FY11 funds and appear in your Cognos reports around Sept. 12, depending on when we receive our invoice from the vendor.

Charlie Brien, director, Facilities Business ServicesUtilities

Utilities charges for usage in August will be processed with FY11 funds and appear in your Cognos reports between Sept. 20 and Sept. 30, depending on when invoices are received from our vendors and verified by our Utilities Billing department.

  • Questions? Contact Charlie Brien, right, Director, Facilities Business Services, 940-565-3991.

Posted on: Thu 04 August 2011

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