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College of Music presents "The Creation"

UNT College of Music’s Symphony Orchestra will join the 150-voice Grand Chorus at 8 p.m. April 27 to tell the story of the formation of the universe, heavens, planets, animals and man through their performance of Haydn’s “The Creation.” Three archangel soloists – UNT faculty Carol Wilson, soprano; William Joyner, tenor; and Stephen Morscheck, bass – will narrate the popular work.

“Haydn’s ‘The Creation’ presents arias that are charming and exciting,” said Richard Sparks, chair of conducting and ensembles and conductor of the performance. “His writing is picturesque and allows for a colorful performance by the soloists.”

“The Creation,” which was inspired by the book of Genesis and John Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” is split into three parts – the first three days of creation, the second three days, and the third section depicts Adam and Eve enjoying God’s creation. A song of praise is performed between each “day” of creation by either the chorus or soloists.

“Haydn’s famous introduction ‘The Representation of Chaos,’ pictures the disarray that would surround the formation of the universe and planets,” Sparks said. “This movement is closer to romantic period music and leaves you with the sense of elements in the universe coalescing to form our world. The choruses of praise provide an uplifting contrast.”

Sparks says he selected this particular oratorio due to the popularity of the piece, as well as the creative freedom it allows for conductors. UNT’s version will be special because Sparks will be using triple the number of wind instruments used in most performances and double the brass instruments to achieve a very strong sound.

“We have access to the original materials Haydn used for his performances and he always added the extra woodwinds and brass players,” Sparks said. “This will be ‘The Creation’ as it hasn’t been heard before. It will be truly grand.”

Sparks says that UNT’s high quality of musicians and ensembles has allowed him to truly make this performance unique and one Haydn himself might recognize.

“We have great resources at UNT that are not available other places,” Sparks said. “Our interpretation of ‘The Creation’ will be vivid, fun and inspiring.”

The work will be presented in the Margot and Bill Winspear Performance Hall at the Murchison Performing Arts Center. Tickets cost $10 for adults; $8 for seniors, non-UNT students, children (12 and under), UNT faculty, staff and retirees, and groups of 10 or more; and are free for UNT students with valid ID. UNT students may pick up their ticket in person at the Murchison Box Office. The performance will be streamed live at

-          Courtney Taylor, News Promotions

Posted on: Fri 08 April 2016

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