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College of Music to offer music entrepreneurship field of study

UNT's College of Music will expand offerings of classes in career development and music entrepreneurship this fall in a new focus on entrepreneurship and music. The field of study will help students develop their careers as musicians.

"Among nationally recognized music programs such as UNT's, there has been a growing recognition that we need not only to train our students to be superb musicians but also prepare them for the current job market in which they will often be self-employed or work in larger arts organizations," said Benjamin Brand, interim associate dean for academic affairs and director of graduate studies. "The courses that will be developed will give students the nuts-and-bolts skills -- such as how write a business plan, cover letter and CV -- they need to succeed as well as the broader intellectual habits and perspectives that will help them navigate today's diverse musical cultures."

The College of Music has hired a director of career development and entrepreneurship in music -- Fabiana Claure -- Fabianato help develop the curriculum. Claure is a pianist and entrepreneur who co-founded the Superior Academy of Music in Miami. She has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, has implemented an award-winning business plan and launched and developed a successful music academy that has been featured on national television. She is looking forward to putting her skills to work at UNT.

"I feel very grateful and excited to be joining UNT," Claure said. "The College of Music's breadth and depth of programs -- from early to contemporary music, opera to jazz -- along with the diversity of the student population provide a unique opportunity to develop a dynamic entrepreneurship program in a rich learning environment."

Claure says she will rely on the college's faculty, students and alumni to help form the curriculum.

"I intend to develop the classes by building on the platform of existing career development and entrepreneurial expertise within the College of Music," Claure said. "I will initially survey the students, staff and faculty to gain a sense of the needs and knowledge currently in place. With that information, I would like to build a program that combines hands-on experiences for students through internships, with coursework designed to provide a foundation on which students base their career plans."

Claure says classes will help both undergraduate and graduate students expand their entrepreneurial skills and gain the knowledge they need to be successful in the music industry.

"In order for music students to be able to adapt to today's needs and discover available opportunities, they need to become informed about the competitive realities and emerging trends in their profession," Claure said. "This knowledge will allow them to diversify their musical career paths and expand their skills to include business, marketing, technology, fundraising and so on. By understanding both the challenges and opportunities available in today's society, students will feel motivated to become proactive and entrepreneurial about their careers."

-- Courtney Taylor, News Promotions

Photo courtsey of Fabiana Claure

Posted on: Mon 02 May 2016

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