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Chocolate avocado, anyone?

Jake Gravely and Peter Balabuch, right, with ice cream ingredients.By Alyssa Yancey, News Promotions

The university has unveiled a secret weapon to help battle the August heat – an Emery Thompson batch freezer capable of producing 44 quarts of delicious ice cream in about 10 minutes.

The university decided to invest in the largest batch freezer available commercially last year to provide quality, all-natural frozen treats to students, faculty and staff.

“We figured that we could make a better ice cream than what we were buying from distributors,” said Peter Balabuch, above right, associate director of residential dining services. “What we are producing now is a super-premium ice cream made from all-natural ingredients. It is fresh and doesn’t have any preservatives. We also think it is richer and creamier than the pre-packaged varieties.”

Balabuch and Jake Gravely, above left, formerly of Verde Catering and new Chef Manager at Kerr Hall, both attended Ice Cream University in Florida to learn the ropes of making the sweet treat. During the two-day program the duo created about a dozen batches of ice cream, including a ricotta and fig flavored ice cream.

Beginning last spring, Gravely started offering his creations alongside of the name brand ice cream the school had served for years. By March, Gravely was offering primarily homemade ice cream flavors to hungry students.

This fall will be the first full semester that dining services will exclusively offer the UNT-made ice cream during dinner and late-night services at Kerr Hall, the university’s largest dining hall. The ice cream also is popular at special events handled by the catering department. 

Prepackaged containers of the ice cream currently are being offered as “Scrappy’s Ice Cream” at the Corner Store in the University Union.

Balabuch says he has been surprised by the tremendous feedback he’s received from students, faculty and staff.

“Many of the people I’ve talked to say they favor this ice cream over the name brand ice cream we were serving before,” said Balabuch. “For us it was all about adding more value to the meal plan.”

Dining services plans to develop 20 to 25 flavors to offer in rotation at the Corner Store, and possibly other retail locations on campus. Gravely says he always offers the old standbys of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, but also tries to offer a specialty flavor in the dining hall each night. So far, he has tried a variety of specialty flavors, including chocolate covered avocado, pineapple cilantro, candied ginger and apple pie ice cream.

“The most popular flavor we offer is cookies and cream. We contacted different vendors about ingredients for the ice cream, but in the end we decided we could do it better ourselves, so we make all the inclusions and add-ins,” said Gravely.

Gravely plans to develop sherbet, sorbet and sorbetto options. Currently, a lemon Italian ice is offered at the Corner Store, which Gravely says is a particularly refreshing option to help survive the summer heat. He also noted that the Italian ice has fewer calories, since it doesn’t have any cream.

Both Gravely and Balabuch admit that there is nothing diet about ice cream, but say indulging in their product is fine in moderation

  • Enter to win gift pack with a T-shirt, water bottle, lapel pin and shopping bag, by sending an email to InHouse with "Ice Cream" in the subject line by 5 p.m. Aug. 17. You can wear/use all when you go to the Corner Store or Kerr Hall to taste the latest flavor from the ice cream guys, Gravely and Balabuch. Winners will be selected at random from all responses.

(Photo by Michael Clements)

Posted on: Tue 14 August 2012

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