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Charles Darwin explains it all in "Natural Selection" movie

Charles Darwin, portrait by George Richmond, 1850sLearn about British explorer and naturalist Charles Darwin, right, and the voyage of the HMS Beagle, which set sail from England in 1831 and returned five years later.

The flora and fauna that Darwin observed on his around the world journey, especially in the Galapagos Islands, inspired his research, thinking and eventual publication of theories of transmutation by natural selection.

In the new Sky Theater film, Natural Selection, Dawin speaks from the comfort of Down House in Kent, England. He explains the mechanism of natural selection to the audience, and supports it by showing many beautiful examples in nature.

The thrill of a scientific discovery, the adventure of science and the beauty of nature are central in this movie.

The film, suitable for fifth graders to adults, is now showing at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Saturdays at the Department of Astronomy Sky Theater.

Ticket prices are (no debit or credit cards):

  • Students with ID and children younger than 12 - $3
  • UNT Employees and older adults - $4
  • Adults - $5

The Sky Theater is in the Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building, Room 150.

-Submitted by Anessa Mullins

(Photo, circa 1850s, portrait of Darwin by George Richmond)

Posted on: Mon 03 October 2011

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