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Campus wireless project now complete

improved wifi access

Those who use mobile devices now have twice as many access points for Wi-Fi.

The IT Shared Services data communications department and the University Information Technology department recently expanded the wireless network on the main campus and at Discovery Park.

When the project started in December 2013 there were approximately 700 access points to access Wi-Fi. The project expanded that number to 1,400.

“This project has made a huge stride for the wireless network from the initial network that was installed for convenience to one that can now support a majority of the classrooms with a solid capacity to enhance the process of education for our students,” says C.R. Chevli, the assistant director of data communications and the project’s lead coordinator.

The project consisted of three different phases:

  • Phase I included installations to primarily academic buildings.
  • Phase II focused on buildings with large areas, meeting rooms, event locations, and some outdoor areas.
  • Phase III concentrated on the Eagle Student Services Center, Hurley Administration Building, Gateway Center, Coliseum, Physical Education Building, Terrill Hall, Performing Arts Center, East Classroom building, Oak Street Hall and Ken Bahnsen Gymnasium.

In addition to adding more wireless access points both inside and outside of some buildings, the project included removing and reducing sources competing with the wireless system, which contributed to reduced system performance.

In general, each access point can now handle up to 60 users. Users should keep in mind that the wireless system is a large shared resource and when they are in high traffic areas and the number of users increase, the level of service may vary.

UNT has always embraced a “bring your own device” environment on campus. But in the past few years there has been a significant growth of wireless devices being used ― everything from laptops, tablets and cellphones, to ticket scanners, ID card scanners, library book scanners, Apple TVs and robots for research. Online learning and testing and the many campus visitors also have contributed to the various demands on the network.

Jessica Hampton, a UNT student majoring in mechanical and energy engineering enjoys using Wi-Fi on campus.  Like many other student she often uses a cellphone, laptop and tablet while on campus.

“It’s very nice to have access to Wi-Fi at school. I like to work on projects or homework between classes” said Hampton.

—Chauncey Cox, University Relations, Communications and Marketing

Above, student are enjoying the better wireless service on campus after a multi-million dollar upgrade. (Photo by Michael Clements / URCM)

Posted on: Fri 04 September 2015

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