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June Benchmarks Online news journal now available

Benchmarks Online header

June 15, 2016 Edition

For the last time, read Benchmarks Online issue in Drupal 6! Please point your browser to, or make your reading selection below.

Please contact the editor, should you have any questions or technical problems.

*Note: With a new UIT website currently in development, please look for the next issue of Benchmarks Online to be published from UIT's new Drupal 7 site! Btw, how is your new site coming along as UNT makes the transition from D6 to 7? Let us know!

June 15 – National SMILE POWER Day and Nature Photography Day.

Send in a photo of your big smile or a UNT campus nature photo for the August edition! 

Events On Campus Today

  • UPCinema: Zootopia, Lyceum, 8-10 p.m., free, open to the public
  • Keyboard Percussion Symposium, Recital Hall, College of Music, 8 p.m.
  • Freshman, Parents and Transfer Student Orientations…everywhere! :)

Articles in this Edition

Campus Computing News:  Beyond Academic Advising: UNT Expands Student Success Technology to Admissions, UNT-International and URCM by Jennifer Lee

On May 10, 2016, UNT launched a new chapter in its vision to create a 360-degree view of the student experience. The offices of undergraduate and graduate admissions, UNT–International, and University Relations, Communications and Marketing took campus recruitment and marketing initiatives to new heights by becoming the latest members of the campus Salesforce family. The strategic move will help the University of North Texas create a connected college experience for the student lifecycle.

The project launch was a culmination of months of work for the Salesforce cross-functional project team that included the leadership and key members from Admissions, URCM, Academic Advising, UNT–International, Student Success Technology Services, University Information Technology and UNT System IT Shared Services.

CLEAR: UNT Purchases Site License for New Student-Response System by Jane Himmel

REEF Polling by i>clicker replaces Turning Point as UNT’s centrally supported student response system, effective with the fall 2016 semester.

UNT has purchased a site license to REEF Polling by i<Clicker, a mobile engagement platform that enables faculty to increase class participation and gather instant feedback by sending polling questions to students’ devices. Students respond with their smartphone, tablet, or laptop and can review session history on their REEF account outside of class.

Also on the Front Page – Technology News from Here and There

UNT’s Sky Theater Touts Cool Technology and Temperatures this Summer

It may be a starry, starry night, but you can see only what the city lights, hot nights and the naked eye permit. A refreshing 70-degree cosmic safari at the UNT Sky Theater is the hot ticket this summer! Randall Peters, planetarium director in the UNT Physics Department, uses advanced computer graphics technologies to teach, engage and entertain UNT students, K-12 visitors and the general public year round. Read more about the technology, the site and the sights!

EDUCAUSE: Registering Now for The Best Thinking in Higher Education IT Conference

Info: Registration:

Singularity Hub: Teaching Assistant Surprises Artificial Intelligence Class with a Remarkable Revelation

Video: Hackers Show Vulnerabilities in the U.S. Power Grid

Bill Gates' Online Petition Promotes Teaching of Computer Science in K-12 – #CSForAll

VIDEO: Your iPhone has a hidden childproof mode: watch how to enable it

SLIDESHOW: Five Big Takeaways from Meeker at the Internet Trends 2016 Code Conference

Network Connection by Philip Baczewski: The Once and Proper Internet

The Internet has passed yet another milestone. Starting on June 1, 2016 the AP Stylebook will stipulate that the Internet will no longer be considered a proper noun, but will be referred to simply as the internet. As reported by ABC News, both the Internet and the Web no longer warrant capitalization, placing internet in a similar category to electricity and telephone. Of course, Internet was never trademarked as kleenex and thermos were, but we've capitalized it all these years anyway. It was not just any internet -- it was the Internet.

Help Desk FYI: Use the Clutter Feature to Help Sort Low-priority Emails in Outlook by Sharukh Mithani

A monthly feature from the UIT Helpdesk. Each edition the Help Desk staff tackles a topic that has been of particular interest to callers or visitors.

Research Matters: Explicit Bayes: Working Concrete Examples to Introduce the Bayesian Perspective, repeat from January 2015.

Staff Activities:

Today’s Cartoon: Digital Age Humor:

UIT Summer Reading List:

Owning Excellence – Read the Hotspot: People in the Zone – about three Js: Jeff, Jennifer and Jennifer!

Featured this month are three IT pros you may know, a student-employee in CWS and two Jennifers with their hands deep in the UNT-Salesforce project.

Jeff Anderson:

Jennifer Lee:

Jennifer Spillman:

Social Media

Tech Insider: How to Block Companies from Tracking You on Facebook

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-- Monica Scott-Taliaferro, UIT Marketing Specialist

Posted on: Mon 27 June 2016

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Faculty and staff members have roles in transforming UNT into a nationally prominent university. Share your ideas on how you can help UNT to own excellence, keep students on track and improve graduation education.

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