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Awards to recognize faculty whose skills enhance core curriculum Best Undergraduate Educational Experience in Texas means providing innovative educational experiences that support students from the very beginning of their time at UNT.

Undergraduate Studies and Educational Innovation is delighted to have the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the instructors who have truly shown dedication to the core curriculum and to supporting UNT students. These instructors help our students succeed from the very beginning of their time at the university through their next transition to the world beyond the university.

The Core Curriculum Innovation Awards have been established to recognize and celebrate instructors who provide that support for core curriculum classes.

These instructors are truly building a unique educational experience for students through which they can develop the skills and knowledge necessary for success at the university and in their careers.

Nominations are due April 12.

The University Core Curriculum is a set of general education courses that all students must complete before they can earn a degree from UNT.

The core curriculum ensures that all graduates have a breadth of knowledge as well as depth of knowledge gained from their major area of study. This core body of knowledge requires studying language and thought, mathematics, natural sciences, social and behavioral sciences, U.S. history, political science, visual and performing arts and humanities.

In their core classes students’ develop important and fundamental skills that will help them be successful in all their classes and will prepare them for their lives after college. Through the core, students will gain enthusiasm for learning and an intellectual capacity that they will use throughout their lives.  

This is a particularly exciting time in the core. The new core curriculum, effective 2014, is giving UNT the opportunity to refocus its efforts on ensuring that students build the skills necessary for success in their major and in their careers.

Julie Glass, director, Core Academy and associate dean, Undergraduate StudiesThe six new core objectives will be infused throughout all courses in the core. These are:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication Skills
  • Empirical and Quantitative Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Social Responsibility
  • Personal Responsibility

As students work their way through core courses, they will not only acquire knowledge about a breadth of disciplines, but will gain these core skills which are recognized by educators and employers alike as the essential tools for success.

- Julie Glass, right, director, Core Academy and associate dean, Undergraduate Studies

Posted on: Tue 09 April 2013

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