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Inhouse Archives - June 2015

June 01, 2015
The five-week sessions, which begin June 5, teach children the foundations of music through interactive games and allow parents to participate in their children's musical education.
June 01, 2015
The Princeton Review named the business program among the elite.
June 01, 2015
CVAD needs $2.5 million to name the fashion design program for Michael Faircloth.
June 02, 2015
The Distinguished Research Professor will serve as the 2016 Texas State Visual Artist.
June 02, 2015
This new legislation includes the benefit of exercising local control, and we will use that control to continue to do everything we can to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, faculty, staff and visitors.
June 03, 2015
President Smatresk recognized two teams for outstanding customer service.
June 05, 2015
Communication studies alumna Camille Hall, will spin the big wheel, put her critical thinking and spelling skills to the test, and try to win cash and prizes on Wheel of Fortune! Camille's episode will air at 6:30 p.m. June 5 on CBS.
June 08, 2015
Shelley Cushman and Matthew Bourbon named Institute for the Advancement of the Arts fellows.
June 08, 2015
Edwin Dale Odom was a member and served as chairman of the Denton County Historical Commission from 1971 to 1979. He was a member of many scholarly organizations and read papers or served as chair of sessions at many of them.
June 08, 2015
He served on the UNT faculty for 20 years and was a Student Association Honor Professor in 1980.
June 09, 2015
UNT has launched new yearlong Job Evaluation and Grading Project to evolve compensation and career progression strategies for staff members.
June 09, 2015
Colleges will test the IAS system over the summer.
June 10, 2015
ITSS is offering the required video sessions on its website.
June 10, 2015
The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative awarded the grant to three UNT biologists.
June 11, 2015
Employees must take security training by Aug. 31. President Smatresk also is forming a team of web professionals to work with ITSS to make digital resources more secure.
June 12, 2015
The Distinguished Research Professor applies his science to his music.
June 12, 2015
The retired executive assistant for Lt. Gov. William P. Hobby served as a UNT regent from 1992 to 1997.
June 16, 2015
Sidewalks and driveways around Discovery Park and the General Academic Building undergo repairs throughout the summer.
June 18, 2015
Learn more about enrolling in benefits from ERS.
June 19, 2015
Nicoladie Tam is honored her research on emotion and empathy.
June 22, 2015
The library will store the entire collection of materials from the meeting between a dozen gay Republican men and women and then-Texas Governor and Presidential candidate George W. Bush.
June 22, 2015
The university has accomplished much of its financial transformation and other planning priorities. Also, the 84th Legislative Session produced more support for higher education.
June 22, 2015
Emmanuela Opoku will research floods and droughts in Northeast Ghana to learn how they affect food security and livelihood.
June 22, 2015
Concerts are planned weekly through July 23 at UNT on the Square.
June 24, 2015
A graduate student won a prestigious scholarship to study conflict resolution and mediation.

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